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Edison s a very friendly, loving, happy, playful boy, who is great with all people and all dogs. Our best estimate is that he is between 12-20 months old, and is a Labrador and McNab/border collie mix, who weighs 56 lbs. Edison loves the company of others, both human and dog. More than anything, he wants his very own person/people, who he can be with as much as possible. Our boy is a very gentle spirit. His is short term foster mom said, "This dog has a heart the size of Texas!” And, the veterinary specialist who just examined him, was impressed by his sweet and adoring personality. He remarked that 90% of Edison’s personality was Lab. Edison is a special needs dog, due to a dislocated elbow, for whom we are seeking a foster (or permanent) home.

This young dog, while strong and loves to bounce and play, is very respectful of other dogs, and he is as gentle and sweet as can be with babies. He is very good with small dogs, and will back away if they snap at him. When things are calm in the house, Edison will settle and lay at your feet. But, when feeling playful, he is a whole lot of dog, and essentially a playful pup in an adult sized body. He probably would not do well with cats or chickens and seems to want to chase them. However, with supervision and patience, he could probably learn to live with them.

Based on the fact that, before we rescued him, he had almost no training or structure, will happily entertain himself with toys, and adores human attention, and, we believe that his original people spent very little time with him. Edison is very bright and attentive, and is very eager to learn. His short term foster mom says he looks for cues from people and wants to do the right thing. Until now, no one has taken the time to teach him anything. He rides very nicely and quietly in the car, and is doing well, with the help of a no pull harness, learning how to walk on leash.

When we rescued him on Oct. 19, he had been in the shelter for over 2.5 months, with an untreated dislocated/fractured front elbow. Because the injury is old, with scar tissue growing around it, the elbow cannot be repaired by surgery. Since Edison is using the leg, our orthopedic surgeon, and two other vets who examined him, all recommended leaving his leg as-is, rather than amputating the leg. The surgeon hopes that as scar tissue continues to grow around it, it will create a protective cushion around the elbow. Edison will need anti-inflammation and pain medication on and off on an ongoing basis, and should have joint supplements as a regular dietary supplement. Our vets agree that a surgical removal of his leg should be a last resort, and only if his elbow begins to cause him sharp pain and he can no longer bear weight on it.

Besides basic training, he will need managed care, to balance his need for mental enrichment and play time, with low impact activities and rest. Currently, although Edison has a limp, he does run and play on both front legs, like any other dog.

Edison is truly a diamond in the rough. With daily routines and manners under his belt, and the ability to get the exercise he craves, he will become the best companion anyone could want. Our boy needs people who have patience and experience working with energetic dogs. Currently, he is a young dog with pent up energy from his time in the shelter and the need to limit his high impact activities. Working with him on training, will help to tire him out mentally, and is a good way to expend some of his energy.

If you may be interested in fostering him or possibly adopting him, please complete one of our online Foster or Adoption Forms (click on either the "Foster" or "Adopt" bar above).  You can also call (707) 583-9583, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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