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Many of the dogs that we rescue are saved only hours or even minutes before they are due to be euthanized.

Others are sent to us because for any number of reasons, their current owners are unable to keep them.

Herding dogs make wonderful companions for those who can give them the time and the outlet for their energy. They are not “lap dogs” who will be happy sitting on a sofa all day, but their energy and loyalty can provide the right home with unending love and enjoyment.

Help make a HAPPY ENDING for a rescue, fill out an adoption form.

Please either download, complete, and return the adoption form; or fill in the online version below.  Please note that the Online Form may not work properly from an iPad or Smartphone (especially an iPhone).  Any laptop, desktop (including a Mac) should be fine.  If you do not get a confirmation that your application was sent, please contact us another way. 

All potential adopters must be at least 21 years old, and have current identification, with a verifiable address and phone number.

The offline adoption form can be downloaded in either: PDFDOC, or DOCX format.  When completed, please return the form to us by: Scan and Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or US Mail to PO Box 9585, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.

Adoption Fee: We have an adoption fee, which is typically $250 per dog. This fee helps to reimburse our rescue for some - but not always all - of the veterinary and other costs incurred in the process of rescuing and caring for each dog.  To see how adoption fees are spent, click here.

Online Adoption Form:

Please enter everyones' names and the ages of anyone under 18 living at this address.
Please click the "?" for instructions

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