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Naiya is an elegant and graceful 40-45 lb. Kelpie/McNab/Cattle dog, and possibly whippet mix? She is an incredible natural athlete, and would be a great running or hiking companion, or outstanding at agility. She is affectionate and just wants a home of her own where she can be with her people and dog friends, as part of an adult family. Once she realizes a person is good and will not harm her, she will adore them and crave attention. She is the same with other dogs. While cautious when first meeting and assessing another dog, once she realizes they are friendly, she will invite them to play and become best friends.

Feeling safe is key for Naiya, whether with people or other dogs. She likes other dogs, male and female, and is very playful with other friendly dogs. When her foster family’s female dog is the only one home, she enjoys being out and about in the house and backyard. She has engaged her cattle dog, foster sister and a neighbor’s large male Lab in play.

Naiya is most trusting of women and warms ups quickly with a calm, loving introduction, to the point of tentatively licking their hands within just a few minutes.  She is still shy if anyone, man or woman, tries to interact with her before she is ready. She will back away and hide behind her foster mom. While she is concerned when she sees people, especially men, even from a distance, if they ignore her or are respectful and do not try to interact with her, within 10 minutes, she will become relaxed with them nearby.

Naiya needs to be introduced to a new world very slowly. If an unknown dog approaches too quickly or is too pushy or bouncy, Naiya will wrinkle her nose and try to bark them away. This will be true of people, too, especially men. On walks she has been exposed to bikes, scooters, unfamiliar people and dogs. If they are at a distance, she will stay calm, but alert, not wanting to go close. If startled or worried, she will bark a warning. Sometimes when startled, whether by strange noises or someone she doesn’t know approaching her, she will bolt. If on leash, she will bolt hard.

Naiya appears to be house broken, and has had no accidents since arriving at her foster home. We believe that at some point she lived in a house and was allowed on the furniture, because she loves sleeping on the couch and the family beds. She also loves her dog bed, which will come with her. Naiya doesn’t play with toys but she loves chew toys, bones and nylabones. When she is relaxed and content, she enjoys her chews.

Naiya is an excellent car companion. She is calm while traveling and very happy to wait for you while you are away. She rode 3 ½ hours back to her foster mom’s home and was an absolute gem the entire trip. On her daily car rides, she is happy to just curl up in her dog bed when she is left in the car for short periods of time.

She is learning to walk on leash. Naiya doesn’t pull, but she does zig-zag. Her foster mom is working on teaching her good leash manners. Because she was on the streets and then in the shelter for so long, Naiya craves love and attention. When excited to see you, she jumps up and is mouthy. If you walk away from her at these times, she will grab your heel,  just firmly enough to try to stop you from leaving. When corrected, she will go immediately into a submissive mode. Her foster mom is working on these behaviors with a trainer to stop these behaviors.

Naiya loves to have her tummy rubbed and just wants to hang out wherever you are. She dreams of a family of her own who will love her and from whom she won’t be separated. She will need to feel safe, exercise, structure, patient training, and play to be happy and well adjusted.

We are learning more about this shy girl each day, and will update her description as she reveals more of her personality. We feel that Naiya will be available for adoption around the end of January.  If you are interested in meeting Naiya, please begin our pre-adoption approval process by completing our online adoption form, on our Adoption page (click on the Adopt bar near the top of this page).


Scooter is a blue heeler/cattle dog mix, who weighs 45 pounds, and is roughly 8 years old. He's a special needs dog, in that he has epilepsy that is controlled by phenobarbital tablets twice daily. That said, Scooter is an amazingly easy dog to have, especially for a cattle dog!  He is super sweet, loving, extremely attentive and obedient, with a very balanced personality.

Scooter is a wonderful companion, but is not in your face about his affection. He wants to be with and stay close to his person/people, and very much wants to please you. He checks in often to look for guidance and that all is well. He is a playful dog with other dogs. His favorite activities include running around playing with other dogs. He also loves to playful wrestle on the floor, and although he loves people, he can be reserved around strangers. He enjoys wandering about the office with his person, hoping to get treats from co-workers.

Scooter’s doggy manners at the park are perfect and respects boundaries and body language of other dogs. He ignores cats and kids and doesn't have an aggressive or confrontational bone in his body. He has never bitten, or growled at anyone or anything. He is a quiet boy, and not a barker, though he does howl at a nearby fire/ambulance siren occasionally.

He's got a great memory and basically trains himself. Scooter is extremely motivated to please and responds amazingly well to treats. He pretty much taught himself sit, stay, slow (slow down walking and wait), come, lay down, shake and high-five. His obedience is so solid that he will sit and stay on command, even if he sees another dog he wants to run and play with.  Scooter is a dream when out on walks. He is a great off-leash or on-leash dog, and will stay right at your side, and if playing, he will come immediately when called. He is also crate trained and completely housebroken. He has even learned to do his business in designated spots.

Scooter is well acclimated to family and office life, having been his human's constant shadow at home and work for the past 4 years. He currently lives easily with small children and two cats. Although he loves to be with his person/people as much as possible, Scooter is not a lap dog, but instead prefers to just be at his person’s side as much as possible.

He was originally rescued from a terrible hoarding situation 4 years ago. Currently, his seizures only occur a couple of times a year. The episodes are mild, and last 2-4 minutes. Scooter has been on a stable dosage of his medication and requires only a yearly vet visit to renew the prescription. Pill administration is very simple as he allows his mouth to be opened and a pill dropped in.

His original adopters are looking for a new home for him due to changing financial obligations and health issues in the family. An ideal situation for Scooter would be in a home with another dog, but he would also be fine as an only dog.

If you may be interested Scooter, please complete our online Adoption Form (http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt), or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at: (707) 583-9583.


(NEWLY UPDATED!) Edison is probably one of the happiest, sweetest, friendliest, most social, loyal, and easy going dogs, with the gentlest, most loving spirit. He is a very smart, playful boy, who loves and is great with all people, all dogs, and cats. He is good with children, too. His foster mom says that he has the biggest heart and is determined to be a good dog. Our best estimate is that he is between 12-18 months old, and is a Labrador and McNab/border collie mix, who weighs 56 lbs. Everyone who meets him loves him. Edison does have a fractured/dislocated elbow, which makes him a special needs dog. We are seeking adopters who are willing to let themselves fall in love with this wonderful boy, who is so full of life, and are willing to go on the journey of whatever the future holds for his injured elbow.

Edison loves the company of others, both human and dog. While he is a strong young dog who loves to bounce and play, he is also very respectful of other dogs, and is as gentle and sweet as can be with babies. When things are calm in the house, Edison will settle and lay at your feet.  He has a zest for life and s essentially a playful pup in an adult sized body. He would do well in a home with another dog, as he loves playing with other dogs. His fosters limit his outside running and chasing time, and Edison is just as happy, calmly playing rolling on the floor games with the other dogs. He is very good with small dogs, and will back away if they snap at him. In his long term foster home, he has a cat brother who is calm and used to dogs, and Edison has been excellent around him from the beginning.

He adores human attention and companionship, and more than anything, he wants his very own person/people, who he can be with as much as possible. If alone, he will happily entertain himself with toys. He rides very nicely and quietly in the car, and is doing well, with the help of a no pull harness, learning how to walk on leash. Our boy is very quiet, and has only barked once, when he thought a stranger was entering his foster home. He would be a good watch dog.

Edison is very bright and attentive, and is very eager to learn. It is clear that before we rescued him, no one had taken any time to teach him anything, and was probably neglected. He is now a sponge for learning. Edison looks for cues from people and wants to do the right thing. He also loves having a routine. He loves going to his bed at night, with his chewy bone and an extra pillow for resting his head. He sleeps through the night and stays in bed until his people get up. If he needs to go out, he will let you know.

When we rescued him on Oct. 19, he had been in the shelter for over 2.5 months, with an untreated, dislocated/fractured, front elbow. Because the injury is old, with scar tissue growing around it, the elbow cannot be repaired by surgery. Since Edison is using the leg, our orthopedic surgeon, and two other vets who examined him, all recommended leaving his leg as-is, rather than amputating it. The surgeon hopes that as scar tissue continues to grow around it, it will create a protective cushion around the elbow. Edison will need anti-inflammation and pain medication on and off on an ongoing basis, and should have joint supplements as a regular dietary supplement. Our vets agree that a surgical removal of his leg should be a last resort, and only if his elbow begins to cause him sharp pain and he can no longer bear weight on it. The veterinary specialist who examined him, was very impressed by his sweet and adoring personality. He believed that 90% of Edison’s personality is Lab.

Edison is truly a diamond in the rough. Once he understands the daily routines and what you want him to do, he will be the best companion you could want. Our boy needs people who have patience and experience working with energetic dogs. Although Edison has a limp, he does run and play on both front legs, like any other dog. His people must be willing to continue his training, and balance his playtime with low impact activities and rest.

If you may be interested in possibly adopting him, please complete our online Adoption Form (click on either the "Adopt" bar above). You can also call (707) 583-9583, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Tiia (ADOPTION PENDING!) is a chocolate Border Collie/Australian Kelpie mix, 2 to 3 years old and weighs approximately 44 pounds. She is a very loyal girl, who will bond strongly with her human(s),and is friendly and casual when meeting people.
Tiia is an easy natured girl, who is fine with people placing their hands in her bowl or removing toys from her, and being handled. Tiia is not accustomed to being in a crate, and she has no need for one. She is completely housebroken and has never had a accident. She also is great when left freely in the house alone, and has never chewed or destroyed anything.

Tiia is super smart, intensely alert, and needs a job or activities to keep her brain occupied, or she will become restless. She is very attentive to and looks for direction from people. Tiia responds very well to your cues and is always ready to do whatever you are up for. She very food motivated and loves training exercises, as it gives her brain something to do. Playing ball is her favorite thing, but after about an hour of it she will look for other things to do.

For a border collie, Tiia is a moderate energy girl. She has good stamina on long hikes. She is great on the trail and will not bother other dogs or people on a hike. However, when she sees squirrels, rabbits, cats, etc., her prey drive will kick in, and it becomes very difficult to get her attention and for her to respond to you. This is the reason she should not be in a home with cats, small children, or nervous noisy small dogs. Tiia’s prey drive extends to fast moving things. She rides nicely in a car, and likes to hop in on her own. She does not like people trying to lift her into a vehicle. When in a car, she will ride very quietly, until she sees bicyclists, skateboarders, or other dogs going past. She will bark as they go past outside the car. She is fine with, an NOT reactive to passing cars.

If she has had a good session of hiking, running, playing, or training, Tiia knows how to relax when inside and it is time to chill out. When inside, and all is calm, she is very sweet, with a lovely sensitive, yet easy personality.

In general, Tiia is very casual and good when meeting most dogs, especially medium to large sized dogs, but she is not interested in interacting with them. However, when on leash, she can be reactive when passing other dogs on a sidewalk, and will need work on that. Otherwise, Tiia walks fairly well on leash, but may initially pull with excitement and pent up energy, to get going and explore.

Tiia currently is in a situation where there are a lot of triggers and minimal management of animal activities. We believe that in a calmer situation to reduce her stress levels, without constant stimulation from small creatures around her, and with people who can provide her with regular exercise, predictable routines and do behavioral work with her, that some of her issues may diminish.

If you are interested in meeting Tia, please begin our pre-adoption approval process by completing our online adoption form, by clicking on the "Adopt" bar near the top of this page. Please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have further questions.


Whiskey (TEMPORARILY NOT AVAILABLE) is a very active, 11 month old, 42 lb. cattle dog pup. He is a super playful and fun-loving guy, with a seemingly limitless capacity to play and race around. He loves all variety of toys and is learning to play fetch. He is confident and curious about the world. Because he was not taken out or socialized much before we took him in, he a little cautious and protective when first encountering new things, people and other dogs. However, Whiskey’s basic nature is a gentle, submissive dog, who is very friendly and wants to please his people. When he's chill, he is a sweet pup, who enjoys cuddling and giving kisses.

Our guy fits the classic description of his breed. Whiskey is a very high energy cattle dog, with a lot of stamina. He is a very smart, thinking dog, with the courageous, pushy, persistent quality that is needed to keep the cattle in line. He is strong and athletic, and enjoys being physical. Whiskey has much of what we love about this breed. He has an exuberant, silly nature, and a cattle dog’s ability to make you laugh. He also very much wants to please his person, and is extremely loving with the human and canine members of his pack. Whiskey would be a great companion and helper with livestock, or some other daily physical activity.  He could be a tireless sport dog for agility, fly ball, etc.

Whiskey would love to be in a home with another dog for him to play with. Our boy is so full of puppy energy and loves playing with his canine foster sisters so much, that he can exhaust his playmates. Whiskey is a little mouthy, but he's learning. When playing, he likes to give herding nips to other dogs, in a playful way.  In a multi-dog household, Whiskey would need work to learn how to respect and be polite to the other dog(s). Currently, he is an adoring, but pesky little brother to his foster sister. He constantly pounces on her to engage her in play, or leaps on her as he races across the room to fetch a toy. Also, His Pushiness he will try to squeeze himself between his foster dad and his dog sister, while making comical howling sounds.  

Whiskey has been great with his foster’s 11 year old nephew and 13 year old niece. He may be a little too active for young children and toddlers. He also became best buddies with a small, 6 year old, male dog who stayed with them. Because of his rough sense of play, we do not recommend Whiskey for a home with cats.

Like a small child Whiskey doesn’t want the fun to end. If he is too rambunctious and his foster ushers him into his crate, he will complain with a bark or whine, before finally settling down. However, he will frequently choose go into his crate on his own, when he wants to nap or it’s bedtime.

Whiskey is mostly quiet, but he can also be vocal, expressing his moods with different sounds. Our boy will often growl his discomfort about new things, which his foster believe will stop, as he learns the ways of the world around him. He will use his cattle dog high pitched bark, when he wants to play. HIs foster is teaching Whiskey to have an inside voice.

Before we rescued him, Whiskey was rapidly growing into a “teenager” without knowing any rules or boundaries. He did know the basic commands: sit and down, when treats are involved, and come.  Although Whiskey is just now beginning to learn proper behaviors in different situations, he can still be a wild child at times. His adopter(s) will need to continue the work we have begun, and be a patient, unwavering leader, who is up to the challenge of providing consistent guidance and training. While Whiskey has a mind of his own, he is now starting to learn boundaries. He seems to be improving a little each day. Once he understands the rules and learns manners, he will grow into a wonderful partner and loyal companion.

As with many cattle dog pups, Whiskey is playful mouthy, but learning the proper limits of play. Whiskey is still in his youthful chewing stage, and will need a variety of chew toys to keep him busy during quiet time inside. As a curious, explorer, he will follow his nose and get into trash and things within his reach. Fortunately, he takes reprimands and corrections quite well from both his canine and human fosters. Whiskey does NOT guard food or resources (toys, treats, special person). When he knows he has done wrong, he becomes very submissive.
It seems Whiskey was never exposed to the sights and sounds of a neighborhood. On his first few walks, he seemed quite insecure and defensive, growling, pulling and barking at nearly everything he encountered. He is now learning how to behave when encountering other dogs, and fast moving things, but is still very alert and tense when outside the safety and familiarity of the house. He will need continued, regular, exposure to everyday life in order to gradually become more confident and calm on walks. Whiskey enjoys car rides, but continues to be alert and vocal about unfamiliar things outside.

If you are interested in meeting Whiskey, please first complete our adoption form, the first step of our pre-adoption process. At our website (hittgv.org), click on the Adopt button near the top of the page, for our online Adoption Form. If you have specific questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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