Buttercup is maybe a year to 18 mos. old, barely out of puppyhood. Yet, we rescued her 2-weeks before she gave birth to her puppies. She is a quiet, very loving and sweet natured, cattle dog mix, who weighs approximately 25 lbs.  With her short legs, we suspect she may have a bit of Corgi in her, along with some mystery breeds. Buttercup is a wonderful mother to her puppies, but she also loves to be with her people, and will frequently leave the puppies to be near her humans, or to check out any activity around the house.  Sometimes her fosters will wake up in the middle of the night to find that Buttercup has joined them in bed, and as close to someone as she can be, usually with her head buried under their pillow.

We see some cattle dog traits in Buttercup. She will look you in the eye with an intelligence and expressiveness that is almost human. She also uses her paws like hands. Buttercup came to us knowing a few things. She is housebroken, and seems to know right from wrong when it comes to household rules. She also knows the sit command.

Buttercup has a few tricks up her sleeve, and will make you smile or laugh. She is an expert at offering her paw when you tell her “high five” or “paw” or “shake” – nothing deters her from putting that paw in your hand when you ask for it, especially if a treat is involved. Give Buttercup a fluffy blanket and she will make her own bed, often digging and flipping it around with her muzzle until she has arranged it to her liking, and then she will bury herself deep inside, with just the tip of her nose poking out.

Since she her puppies were born, she relishes her opportunities to take long breaks in the sunshine, rolling around on the grass. As a very young dog, barely out of puppyhood herself, Buttercup would do best in a home that can provide her with both mental stimulation and physical activities. She seems to be a moderate energy dog, but she is athletic and loves to play ball. She would love several walks a day, to sniff and explore, and some active and interactive play time with her people. Buttercup walks fairly nicely on leash, and is always excited to go on walks. She is very aware of all that goes on around her, bounding after lizards and leaves blown by the wind.

She is currently living at her foster home with four cats. In the beginning, it took some management to condition her not to chase. After she seemed to realize that they did not enjoy this game, her urges to chase them have faded. Buttercup is now good at letting them wander about, without wanting to make them run. Because Buttercup is mostly inside with her puppies, we have not had many opportunities to see her with other dogs.  However, at the shelter, they had her living in an area interacting with several other young social dogs and pups. We believe that if given the choice, she would prefer the company of people over dogs. Buttercup is what her fosters call a “good dog.”  She will make someone a wonderful companion.

Our girl will be available to go to a new home after her puppies are weaned, around May 15th.  We will schedule her spay surgery after the appropriate amount of time, as advised by our veterinarian. As with all of our dogs, she will be up-to-date on her vaccinations, microchipped and started on heart worm prevention.

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