Rye (ADOPTED!) is a mini-Queensland heeler, who weighs 35 lbs. For being almost 2 years old, he is very mellow. He is also a very gentle boy with a super sweet nature. Rye is a snuggler, who loves hanging out with his people more than anything. He is super affectionate and will sit on your lap while you're watching TV. He instantly loves every person he meets. He doesn't lick faces or jump, but will lean into you and roll himself on you for petting and attention. Rye is a low to medium energy dog. He enjoys going hiking, but he is just fine with a short walk, followed by a Kong chew toy or food filled toy for mental enrichment

Rye is a well mannered guy. He doesn't try to rush the door, if it is opened or someone is entering. He will wait if you ask him to. He likes squeaky toys and bones or Nylabones to chew on; and he hasn't chewed on anything inappropriate. He does NOT do anything destructive out of boredom, and does NOT bark out of boredom. Even if he only gets a short walk, when returning home, he is still just as settled as he would be after a big run on the trail. He enjoys just going for walks around the neighborhood or on a trail. He comes when called, and does really well off leash as well, as long as there isn’t the potential for a lot of dogs to be around.

Rye is also completely house trained. He will come stare at you when he has to potty, and when you make eye contact, he will walk straight to the door to let you know he wants to go out. Our boy is also in the process of being crate trained, and can be crated for a couple hours at this time, but currently, not more than 2-3 hours. At night, he sleeps in the living room at his foster home, as they continue work on building up his duration tolerance for being crated. Rye also rides nicely in a car, and will jump right in the car. He walks well on leash, and can remain totally neutral when encountering other dogs while on leash.

At least for now, he is not the type of dog who is going to play with another dog. If inside and around other dogs, and the other dogs aren't bothering him, is totally cool. He doesn’t bark or react, as long as they leave him alone. Rye would be a cool dog to take to work with you, but he has no interest in hanging out with other dogs. He is perfectly able to settle and take a nap with other dogs in the room as long as they don't bother him.

He is a bit fearful if meeting pushy or forward dogs, who get in his face to try and play or approach quickly. In these situations, on or off leash, he will bark at them, backup and try to get behind you. If he barks at other dogs, he does NOT lunge while barking, and does NOT air snap at the other dogs. There is a lot of potential for him to overcome this fear behavior, if done properly, in a patient and positive way.

Rye recently acquired a few fears from being in two inappropriate homes for a short time each, before being returned to the shelter. Our foster is certain that one or both past families were pretty rough with him. He was obviously kicked, and very roughly grabbed by the collar or scruff by people. He was also probably sprayed with a water bottle and/or a hose, since he will shrink or run from these. Our foster said evidence of past rough behavior was shown, when she once used her foot to kick a gate closed. Rye did a warning “air snap” thinking that she was attempting to kick him. The only other time he had a similar reaction, was when he she reached for his collar very quickly. He was blocked from being able to move away, and probably felt trapped, while someone was grabbing at him. His foster said she did NOT feel, and has never felt, that he was ever trying to put his mouth on her, but that he was trying to tell her to let him be. She said his warnings are very appropriate and clear and very low level. We believe that over time, Rye’s fear of being harmed by a person will evaporate, if his new adopters are gentle and patient with him.

In summary, we really can't say enough about how affectionate and sweet this little dog is. Although people in his past, created a few fearful responses in him, despite that treatment he adores meeting and being with everyone he meets. He needs and deserves a calm, patient home, with people who will be gentle with him, and return all the love in his heart.

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