This is a Courtesy Posting for Muttville Rescue. See the contact info at the bottom.
Dina (ADOPTED!) is an extraordinary dog that you just have to meet in person to understand just how wonderful and special she is. Her best feature by far is her nubbin tail that is always wagging and wiggling her whole bum along with it! As an 8 year old cattle dog, Dina has a lot more years in her before she begins slowing down. She is wiggly, jiggly, happy, and a true delight! Talk about instant mood-booster, when you are with Dina, it is truly possible to be upset about anything. Her positive vibe is contagious and will have you giggling within minutes. With humans, she is extremely friendly, goofy, very lovable and charming. She is even friendly and safe enough for kids too.

Dina is quite healthy other than being blind. She is a big girl at 70 lbs., who could shed a few pounds to reach her ideal weight. Her eyes were removed a while back as they were untreatable and super painful. Dina is a beautiful, sweet and loyal girl who just wants to be by your side to give you lots of love and attention. She’s very smart (hello, Cattle Dog!) and she was able to learn her way around a new house and yard within a day. She loves to play tug of war and fetch (she listens for where the toy lands!) and she really enjoys going for leisurely walks around the neighborhood. Dina is totally house trained and will let you know if she needs to go out. She will make a perfect addition to a lucky family! Dina’s adoption fee has been generously covered by The Farmer’s Dog!

When she first arrived at Muttville she was wonderful with all of the other dogs at the Muttville Headquarters; and she had lived with and did well with dogs and small animals at her previous home. Since being blind and now living in the Muttville Headquarters facilities, she has become reactive around other dogs. However, Muttville has tested her, and found that after she spends a significant amount of time with another dog she does co-exist well with them.
Currently, due to her blindness, she gets amped up at the smell or sound of another dog, and Muttville has been keeping her away from other dogs. The other tough thing about Dina is that she has separation anxiety. She really wants to be with people all the time - all the time.
Dina needs to be in a home environment, where she can feel secure and learn that she doesn’t need to feel worried or anxious about her situation. If you are interested in meeting Dina, to possibly foster or adopt, and to see a video and more photos of Dina, please go to this Muttville link:


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