(ADOPTED!) Our sweet boy, Eli, is around 18 months to 2 years old. He is 30-35 lb. “pocket” cattle dog, and the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever met.  He adores playing soccer and fetch, just as much as he enjoys scratches under his chin and around his ears. He is so fast and jumps very high when fetching. And, there isn’t a soccer ball that he can’t steal from an opponent. He is so playful that we sometimes find him tossing the ball with his mouth and chasing it around the patio. He’s done well with obedience training learning how to sit, stay, fetch and “leave it”.  With “heel” command while on walk, we are learning to manage some on leash reactivity.  

Eli joined our family about six months ago where we found him abandoned at the park. The three children were playing tag and he playfully chased a circle around them. The poor guy was so thin and hungry that we were able to lure him to the car with graham crackers. We learned that he was a cattle dog which quickly explained the herding of our children and his high energy. It breaks our heart to re-home him but our three kiddos over-stimulate this lovely energetic little guy and he wants to “herd” them constantly with jumps and pawing. Before his obedience training his herding instinct did include herding nips to communicate. Preferred placement would be in a home without younger children.

Please note his obedience trainer (Kim, 805-428-2962) is available to provide more information or support if needed.

Eli is neutered, micro-chipped and kennel-trained. We will transport him to new his home and will continue to foster him until then. We love you, Eli.

Please contact Anna at (909) 763-1540 with questions and for more information. There is a re-homing fee: $150.


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