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If you have questions or want more information about Duchess, please contact Wendy Cramer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call:  (415) 250-7209.

DUCHESS (ADOPTIED!) is a 55 pound, healthy, active, approximate 11 year old, female Australian Cattle dog, and possible Catahoula mix, who needs a new home. Her owner recently passed away and the family, located in the Sacramento area, cannot keep her. She was originally rescued by her owner about 9 or 10 years ago and until about 2 years ago, she lived as an indoor/outdoor farm dog. For the last 2 years, she has lived as an indoor dog and has enjoyed the change.

Since leaving the farm Duchess has only needed moderate activity. One good walk of up to an hour has been all she has needed. Duchess is a wonderful companion, and a velcro dog, who loves interacting and being with her people. She keeps busy throughout the day, following family members around the house, sleeping at their feet, and guarding the yard.  She enjoys ending the day cuddling with her family on the sofa and in bed.

She is curious about and friendly with people she meets, and is patient when petted and poked by small children and adults. Duchess meets most dogs well, and is well socialized as her owner regularly rescued dogs and cats. However, in recently time she has had a couple grumpy responses when meeting a new dog. But generally, she is very friendly and has always had a doggy playmates, so she should be fine in a home with another dog.

Duchess is very alert and likes routine. When her people are not home, she will sit or sleep at the window waiting for their return. Duchess will watch the street from the front window and will bark at the neighbors, passing cars, the mailman, delivery vans, and the landscaper.

Although Duchess is 11, she can learn new tricks and is very eager to please. She should not be taken outside off leash as she does not have good recall and if distracted by a squirrel or other small animal, she may not hear your calls for her to return. She was not crate trained and prefers to sleep in the same room as her family on her dog bed or in bed with her owner. Duchess is completely house broken. She knows how to use a dog door, or can get your attention when she needs to go outside.

Since she spent most of her life roaming a large piece of property, leash training was not needed. She would walk near her owner as they took their daily walk around the property. For these reasons, Duchess has only had sporadic on leash experience. When her person got sick, they moved to a subdivision and Duchess began learning about walking on a leash. With a bit more time and training, we believe that with time walking politely and comfortably on leash will become second nature to her.

Duchess has shown only minor herding instinct. Only on a few rare occasions has Duchess tried to herd visitors. She is more likely to approach visitors and ask to be pet. She will sit next to or on the feet of the visitor and paw at them asking to be pet.

She loves getting into the car, and will ride quietly. Her health is good, although she does get the occasional ear infection and has a grain allergy, so she is fed high quality grain free food.

If you have questions or want more information about Duchess, please contact Wendy Cramer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call:  (415) 250-7209.  If you are interested in meeting Duchess, please first complete our adoption questionnaire (online form or download a hard copy), which is the first step in the adoption process. At our website (hittgv.org), please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form. The current guardians for Duchess are requesting an adoption fee of $75.00, in the form of a donation to HITTGV.

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