Jack (ADOPTED!)   is a playful pup, who wants people of his own, more than anything. At approximately 15 months old, he is full grown, weighing 53 lbs. Based on past experience, we feel sure he is a Labrador mix. However, when it comes to personality, Jack is all cattle dog/heeler and all boy! Having the classic cattle dog personality, Jack needs people who truly know and appreciate this breed. His zest for life and loving personality make him the best companion. His foster mom says that Jack is just a sweetheart. With the right people, who have breed experience, and can spend the quality time to teach him, he will become a perfect dog.

Jack craves human attention and love. He is big on cuddling with people and wants to be a lap dog. His 12 year old, human, foster sister lets Jack climb onto the sofa with her. He will happily lay alongside her for as long as she is there. If he cannot join you in a chair or sofa, he is happy laying at your feet. If you sit on the floor, he will crawl in your lap. And, he loves to have his chest/belly rubbed. He will close his eyes, and place his paws on your arm to tell you to keep going.

As a moderate energy guy, Jack is a wonderful companion, who will hang out quietly with you for long periods of time, inside or outside. Jack is a typical smart, bubbly, enthusiastic cattle dog teenager. He needs active exercise each day. Two 30 to 60 minute sessions of all out playing or running, will keep him calm and happy the rest of the time. His playfulness comes out in bursts of energy. Jack will suddenly decide to run around, act silly, sometimes knocking into things. Running around the other day, he didn't know there was a bench on the other side of a picnic table, and ran into it at full speed. He just shook it off and continued running again.

He adores playing with other dogs. If he is given a proper, formal introduction to other dogs, he meets well and will try to play with them in no time.  Jack is a very quiet boy. The only time he will bark is when he is stressed, or upset. He rides very nicely in the car. He sits quietly and looks out the window. On leash, Jack also walks right with you. He doesn't pull. He is completely housebroken, and will go out to do his business right after he eats. Although he doesn't like being isolated or left alone, and will protest with two barks, he seems to settle after that. When his fosters leave him for two hours, all has been fine when they return and he welcomes them back with excited body wags and almost bowl them over, as he tries to rub up on them.

Although Jack loves children, he should not be in a home with small children, who he could knock over, and because of his current tendency to be mouthy and nippy, when he tries to make something happen. He should probably not be in a home with a cat or rabbit. His fosters have a rabbit and when he sees it he fixates on it, barks at it, tries to make it run so he can chase it.

Jack is a very bright, loving, and eager pup, who needs to make up for lost time to learn how to be polite. Spending much of his puppyhood in a shelter with no one teaching him social skills, Jack came to us not knowing what manners are. Although he loves playing with other dogs, he needs more guidance in learning how to meet, and to understand that sometimes he needs to show a little restraint when wanting to play with other dogs. He His fosters are teaching him about appropriate behavior in a home, and when playing with others. Jack is a very smart, thinking dog, who learns quickly. He learned, after just one time, that his foster mom didn't want him to follow her in the bathroom.
The next time she went in, he stood outside and waited and didn't come in.  

Having typical cattle dog traits of being a smart, thinking guy, who knows what he wants, Jack can be insistent. He communicates in the only way he knows how - he will get mouthy, trying to pull you by the hand or arm, to insist on playing. He doesn't have any meanness in him, he just didn't know any better. His fosters are using a firm No, and turning away from him, or a time-out, until he is calm. When the situation passes, he is rewarded for his calm, good behavior; and he is beginning to learn. Our boy needs adopters who will continue to work with him in this way. We are seeking calm, and experienced cattle dog people, who can spend the time with him on basic obedience, moderate his mouthy tendencies, and continue his  education in different situations. Having another playful dog, his size, with the same play style, would be ideal.

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