Faith (ADOPTED!) was the runt of her litter and, at almost 6-months old, is still small at approximately 26 lbs. We estimate that her adult weight will be around 30-33 lbs.  Her size may be small for a cattle dog, but she is big on personality, playful energy and heart!  Faith is very friendly, curious and outgoing. She will eagerly greet people with a wagging tail, while looking you in the eye with a big smile.  She is very loving, adores human attention and petting, and will crawl into your lap and just wants to be with her people.

She is just as friendly and eager to meet other dogs. Faith will enthusiastically run up to meet and play with other dogs. Her foster mom says that she is little pistol who has no fear. If another dog is too pushy with her or tries to dominate her, she will stand up for herself and tell them to back off. While she plays well with other dogs, she does need to learn to share, and is a bit protective of her food and toys around other dogs. Her new foster mom is starting to work with her on this. Also, if playing with her brother and they get overly stimulated, they will begin squabbling, with lots of growling and air snapping at each other.

Faith jumps up on people to greet them, or if she thinks you have treats. As a happy girl, full of energy, after a walk she often gets the zoomies, and runs through the house. Faith is a very busy girl, who is always moving. She needs a home with an active lifestyle, that can keep her active brain occupied, and satisfy her need to be busy. She IS a herding dog, who needs some kind of work throughout the day. Currently, as a pup, she does also need some quiet down time to recharge herself. Faith is NOT a house dog, who can sit home for hours with nothing to do and no companionship. While Faith it is a perfect size, and has a charming personality that is easy to fall in love with, she is still a cattle dog with a strong mind of her own. She needs people who have a good understanding of this breed, and who can be with her and know how to teach her polite manners and how to share.

While she would be fine with children, we only recommend her for homes with dog savvy children, who are 7-years old and above. Our little one is also good around cats, and will try to get them to play with her. Faith is completely housebroken, and walks fairly well on leash. She may pull a little out of excitement. She is a quiet girl, and on car rides will sit nicely in the back seat.

Our girl is extremely bright in so many ways. Coupled with being eager to please her people and very treat and food motivated, Faith will learn new things quickly. She takes treats very nicely, but will soon be crawling over you to get more!  As a young pup, she also loves toys of all kinds, and is very excited about playing with or chasing anything. This, plus her curiosity, make her easily distracted, and her people must be careful about keeping her with them in large areas filled with a lot of sights and sounds.

When we rescued this little family, Faith was given her name because, as the runt, she almost died. At 3-weeks old, the entire family was found in a field; all very thin, and covered in fleas that sucked them dry. Faith was the only pup still fading after a week. Her foster mom decided that she needed a blood transfusion, and it saved Faith’s life. It is ironic that she is now the pup who is the most full of life!

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