Carrera (ADOPTED!) is a 44 lb. Australian Kelpie, who we estimate to be 10 to 13 months old. She is a very calm, gentle and moderate energy girl, especially for a young pup! Carrera is a very affectionate and enthusiastic, once she is comfortable feels she can trust new people. However, when first meeting new people, she will be very cautious and unsure around them until she knows them. She needs to go at her own pace, and warms up to women fairly quickly. Carrera takes longer to overcome her caution around men, and to show her affection. If she feels familiar and secure in a place (i.e. her house and yard), she is more forthcoming about meeting people, and will approach them out of curiosity.

Carrera is also extremely well behaved and polite. She will come up to you for attention, but will respect your space. When her fosters come home, she happily greets and follows them around until they give her some loving. She won’t hop up on any couches, but if you sit on the couch she’ll curl up with you and let you pet her to your heart’s content! Once you stop petting her, she’ll lovingly put her paw on your foot or hand to let you know how much she appreciates you.  

Most of the time she hangs out in a corner of the room, on her bed, to observe things going on around her. When Carrera is in good spirits, she likes to follow one of her people around. She is very quiet, doesn’t whimper, beg, or bark. Her fosters have only heard her bark once, in response to a neighbor dog. She does not nip/bite and is not mouthy in any way.

As a very observant and intelligent dog, Carrera is very curious, but isn't overly curious to where she would get in trouble. She assesses every situation very thoroughly before reacting and is quite meticulous. She is very considerate, never overstepping her boundaries.

She likes to sleep on her own, she liked her crate for one night but prefers to sleep outside on a doggy bed or in her corner. She'll sleep in her space all night until you wake up and is very peaceful and trustworthy during the night. Our girl is completely housebroken/potty trained.

Although Carrera is a very observant, smart dog, she is skittish, and can feel stressed when her fosters try to teach her new things. With the puppy in her, she shifts her attention quite frequently and she is easily distracted.  It's actually much easier to train her on a leash and she will sit and stay with you. Carrera knows how to sit when asked. She will mind her person and, if she is hungry, she will obey commands in return for treats.

Carrera was initially reluctant to enter a car. Once we associated the car with positive experiences like going to a park, river or hike she now willingly hops into the car. She likes sticking her head out the window and is fine in the car once she is familiar with you and your vehicle.

Our girl is also is wonderful on a leash! She doesn't pull except when you first start your walk and she's excited. She actually likes being on a leash and is very obedient when she has it on, even if you're not holding it! When you're running with her, she'll stay at your side and she likes to lead when you go on walks and hikes. She gets excited when she is on walks and hikes, but very on-task about her walks. Carrera likes to run for intervals of time until she's tired, which is only after a few minutes or so. She enjoys resting after a fun day.

Carrera is good with other dogs, however, she prefers the company of her people over interacting with other animals. After another dog has left the area, she will sniff that area to assess who they are. Carrera has not shown any territorial or guarding behaviors. She is good at sharing. As a very polite and gentle dog, Carrera is good around children. She is much more comfortable interacting with people when they are sitting down or at her same height, and would be fine with gentle, considerate kids. We have not seen her with cats, but feel Carrera would be fine around them, too.

Still only a pup, she has a tendency to play with things she can chew on, when she is alone. She hasn’t taken an interest in toys. Gnawing on cardboard seems to be a satisfying and favorite past time for Carrera. Her next favorite thing to work on is her chewy bone. When she is alone and unsupervised, she may also decide to chew on other items that she finds interesting (i.e. sprinkler heads) or do some digging in the yard. If people are home, she will NOT do these things. Carrera is otherwise fine when left home alone for a few hours and will greet you when you get home with happiness and sweet kisses.  

Although she is adult size, Carrera is still just a puppy who needs more exposure to new sights and experiences. The whole world seems to be new to her, and she was likely not taken out much before we rescued her. All of her new experiences must be positive ones. We learned that if you raise your hand, she will cower, and if you have a broom or mop in hand, she will run from you.  

Carrera’s first time experiencing water was quite entertaining! Her fosters took her hiking at a lake. She loved leading them through the forest, and sets a perfect hiking pace! It must have been her first time seeing water, as she inspected it with her paws. With each minute, she got more accustomed to the water, and was soon romping up and down the shore. She wanted to swim, but was afraid to not have her legs touching the ground below her. She loved being in nature and was so excited.  Since it was her first time getting real exercise, and she got tired after about an hour of romping and playing in the water.  

Carrera is a majestic looking, gorgeous dog who has wonderful lines and is quite a showstopper! Her coat is silky smooth, and is a gorgeous chocolate color with a few light highlights. Plus, she has the cutest ears! Her beautiful coat commands a lot of attention from people, and her adopter should be prepared for all the people who will want to meet Carrera.

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