Flynn (ADOPTED!) was born in 2009 and raised on a Blackfoot Indian reservation in Montana. He is a kind gentle horse, very soulful and intelligent, as well as being very surefooted horse, steady and powerful. Flynn is a stocky, 14.2 hand, Red Paint, Quarter Horse. He has only been ridden Western and used for cattle work or trail riding purposes, and can be ridden by an intermediate or advanced rider. He will stand tied quietly, load in the horse trailer, bathe, groom and be tacked with ease.

For only being 8-9 years old, Flynn has quite an accomplished past. For years, he had been a cattle horse, gathering cows in the rugged hills of Montana near Glacier National Park. Hence, his qualification for being a herder in our rescue!  Flynn was also used for stunt work in movies such as the Lone Ranger and other cowboy and Indian movies.

He came to California in March of 2017 where he worked as a trail horse at a winery. Flynn developed a squamous cell sarcoma in his right eye shortly after his arrival. In October, the heavy smoke from the wine country fires worsened his eye's fragile condition and his owners were advised to have the eye surgically removed immediately. However, the trail horse operation decided that having a one-eyed horse would be a liability, and that Flynn could no longer be a trail horse. The equestrian center manager, who adored Flynn, contacted us about the dilemma of Flynn’s eye and his need for a new future. She facilitated the trail horse operation’s surrender of Flynn, and took the lead on arranging for his eye surgery, which was completed on October 30, 2017. He has recovered beautifully. Flynn loss of eyesight in his right eye has not affected him much that we can tell.

Additional photos and video are available. A possible trial period for an adoption will be considered, contingent upon your location and references.

Flynn is located in Sonoma, CA  and can be seen by appointment only. If you may be interested in possibly adopting him, please complete our online Adoption Form (click on "Adopt" bar, above).  While the form is worded for dogs, please respond regarding your experience with and situation for a horse.  If you have questions, please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at: (707) 583-9583.

The remaining outstanding cost for Flynn's eye surgery is $1,955.89.  We would be very grateful for donations, in any amount, to help us pay for the rest of his veterinary bills.  Every little bit helps! Thank you so much!


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