Quinn (ADOPTED!) is a gorgeous one year old, 40-45 lb., Australian Kelpie mix. As a herding breed, Kelpies are known for their extremely bright intelligence, loyalty, and energy.  True to her breed, Quinn is incredibly smart, and very willing to please, but no one has shown her what to do. She is a happy girl, who loves being with people and playing ball. She would make a wonderful, loving companion for an active person. Keeping busy is one of her favorite things! 

She is currently in a kennel situation, and is not happy being kenneled all the time. Quinn meets all dogs well, both male and female. As a herder, once she begins playing and interacting with another dog, she can be pushy and try to control the action. She wants to be the leader of the pack during playtime. Quinn can be more pushy with other females. As a result, the trainer who tested her with other dogs, recommends that, if in a multi-dog household, she would be best with male dogs. 

Quinn is a confident girl, and she adapts well to new situations. Although she can be bossy with other dogs, Quinn is very compliant with people. She responds quickly if a human corrects unwanted behavior, and will immediately follow their lead. Currently, she is being fostered in a home with two children (girls), ages 5 and 11 years old, and is very good with them. She has ridden in a car in a crate and is great riding in her crate or on the seat next to you in a car.

Our girl knows some basic commands, but is still learning, and seems eager to learn new things. She walks nicely on leash and appears to be housebroken. Quinn is a work in progress. The evaluating trainer recommends that Quinn and her new people take obedience training classes to help her reach her full potential. With some additional training, and being taught what is correct and appropriate and what isn’t, she will be an absolute gem!  

We would love to see her get a great home where she can be appreciated and loved! She would blossom in an active home, with a person or family that will be actively involved in working with her, and giving her the mental and physical stimulation she craves. When motivated to join her people, Quinn has been known to scale a chain link fence. If left home alone, she should not be left outside, and a high wooden fence is recommended.

Quinn is spayed and current on all shots. She is heartworm negative and on preventative. She is currently being fostered in Santa Rosa, CA.

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