Aussie (ADOPTED!) is THE perfect companion. We are not certain of his age, but he is definitely an older gentleman, who at 51 lbs. could lose a few pounds. He is super sweet and friendly, and a little shy or cautious in new situations. Aussie is great with and adores meeting all people. He is completely thrilled when someone shows him some attention and love. On walks, he happily wants to meet everyone he sees. When he saw some older children (8-10 years old), he wagged his tail and wanted to run up to meet them.

Although we would consider him a lower energy guy, he has plenty of life in him. Aussie loves his walks, and is great on leash. He will stay at your side and does not pull. He also is big on playing ball with you. Aussie will run for the ball and retrieve it for you.

As a cattle dog, Aussie is a velcro dog who just wants to be by your side. Did we already say he is super loving?! We cannot stress that enough.  He will ask for petting and attention by trying to place his head into or under your hand, or touch your leg with his paw, to remind you that he is there and could use a pet. When you pet him, he will lean into your leg. In the house, Aussie is a perfect, well behaved, well mannered gentleman. He is a quiet, gentle guy, who seems fine when left alone for several hours. He does not try to get on furniture and he is completely housebroken.  Aussie is a little nervous riding in a car and does not seem to have much car riding experience, but he is a good sport and with some coaxing and help, he will get in.

When meeting other dogs, Aussie is fine and friendly. He is a little cautious when first meeting them, and will hang back behind his person at first. If the other dog is friendly, he will warm up to them. If a dog is hostile towards him, Aussie will just try to avoid them. He is currently being fostered at a home with two other medium sized dogs. We have not yet seen him around cats.

He was obtained by a good samaritan from a situation where he had been living in a yard at a vacant house, alone in a dog run with a bag of wet, moldy, dog food. We have taken him to the vet, and they have given him a clean bill of health. We are seeking people who will give this super sweet, loving senior the special attention and love that he craves. He deserves to live out his final years happily and knowing a wonderful home life.

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