Lobo (ADOPTED!) is a super friendly, happy, incredibly lovable, all around great dog!  At 18 months old, he is still just a big puppy. There is not a mean bone in this dog's body. He adores everyone, and is super excited about meeting new people. Lobo also wants to be friends with every dog he meets, and is friendly with, but curious about cats. He loves children, but doesn’t know his own strength.

He has all of the most desirable traits of a classic cattle dog. Lobo is extremely bright, very much wants to please, and is a velcro dog who wants to be at your side. He is a happy boy, who loves playing ball, and just doing things with people and other animals. This is a pup with incredible potential. His new people must be committed to meeting his needs for mental and physical exercise, and work with him to teach him manners and appropriate behaviors. He is truly still a puppy in an adult body.

We obtained Lobo from a family with three young children, who have had him since he was a small puppy. They received him as a gift and were not prepared for a young cattle dog. They did not give him the exercise, training, or personal attention that he needs. When he became adult size, because of his exuberant playfulness and cattle dog desire to be active and busy, they placed him outside in the yard. With Spring and Summer weather upon us, the family's small children (aged 2, 4 and 8 years old) are outside in the yard with Lobo, and he was so happy and excited to see them that he would accidentally knock the little ones over. He loves the children and wanted to run and play with them.

When Lobo became big and strong, while still exuberant and untrained, they no longer took him on walks. In the past 6 to 8 months he rarely got out of the yard. He has put on some weight from sitting alone outside, and currently weighs nearly 63 lbs. His ideal weight should be around 50 lbs.

This pup has the heart and intelligence of a bright, curious child. The day we rescued him, he was both thrilled by the adventure of all the new sights and experiences, and a little overwhelmed by it all. We went to a pet store, two park-like areas, and the vet. It was probably the most exciting day of his life. Each time we stopped somewhere, Lobo was afraid to leave the car. Once coaxed out, he enjoyed the new sights and smells. He even had a great time at the vet office, where he was thrilled to meet several dogs, and he excitedly soaked up all the fawning attention and petting from everyone on the veterinary staff.

Lobo is friendly and polite when meeting other dogs. He is very eager to play with them, but he is a little awkward and unsure about how to make friends with them. He is NOT a barker, and is quiet most of the time. We have not yet heard him bark at all. His original family said that when people approach the house or property, he would give out just a couple of barks to let you know that someone is coming. He is not an escape artist. Even if the gate to the yard is open, he will not leave his yard. Since his original family stopped taking him out on walks when he got big, he will initially pull on leash, in his enthusiasm to be out and have the opportunity to explore.  He rides quietly in a car and likes to look out the windows to see the world go by.

Lobo has a great zest for life, and desire to be with his people. He needs people who want to be with him, as much as he wants to be with them. He would be a great hiking, camping, and travel companion. We are seeking experienced adopters who understand this breed, and can give him the time, attention, mental and physical exercise, training, and life experiences that he needs to become the most amazing dog and companion that we already see in him. He would do well in a home with another friendly, playful dog to show him the ropes.

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