Midnight (ADOPTED!) is a playful young Cattle Dog/Lab/Australian Kelpie mix, who loves people and going on walks. He is maybe 2 years old, and about 50 lbs. and looks like an all black cattle dog, with a shiny black coat. He has a very Lab-like tail, and personality. When meeting people, he is super friendly, yet polite about his greetings. Even if he jumps up to greet someone, but he is easy and gentle.

Midnight is an extremely loving guy, and a wonderful companion. He often will sit by his person/people, and just gaze at them with his eyes full of love. He is also very big on giving people kisses to show how much he loves them. In addition, Midnight is very much a snuggler, who tries to be up next to you or on you as a lap dog if he could.

At the shelter, he is a staff favorite. He is very gentle when taking treats, walks nicely at your side and does NOT pull on leash, and knows basic commands. Midnight can also self-entertain with a toy, is house-trained and current on vaccines.

When meeting other dogs he has been aloof and moves away to avoid them. We believe he is unsure about and afraid of other dogs. If he is unable to avoid a new dog, and is forced into a nose to nose meeting, he will lunge to keep the other dog away from him. He needs a formal, managed introduction to new dogs to learn that they are ok.

Because he was timid when people approached his kennel, for months the shelter originally deemed him as “not adoptable” to the public and for “rescue only.” Midnight is now available for adoption, but stressed from living in a kennel 24/7 and desperately needs to get out. He needs to find either a temporary, or forever home that will at least start by fostering him, ASAP, or a rescue with an available foster home. If you can help, please contact John Fonseca at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 510-535-5643.


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