(ADOPTED!) Meatball is still very much a pup maybe 1 year, or less? He is a super friendly little guy, happy, playful, and energetic. Meatball has all the classic cattle dog/heeler traits. He is very bright, and quickly adjusts to new things. He loves people (including children), and is especially enthusiastic when meeting and greeting new people. He wants to please, and is good with other dogs. We have not yet seen him with cats.

As with many of the young dogs needing rescue, he had not been taught anything, before being abandoned at a truck stop. He will need training and structure - to learn rules and boundaries. He is a very quick learner and very food motivated. As a young dog, he will need people who can give him a lot of daily exercise, and keep his very quick brain busy learning good manners. He has stolen treats from another dog, and if another male dog tries to compete with him for a treat or dominate him, Meatball will stand up for himself. Otherwise, he enjoys the company of other dogs and playing with them. We believe that he was an outside dog, as his fosters are working on housebreaking. He also seemed unfamiliar with being on leash, but very quickly adapted to wearing a harness and being on a leash. Here is a link to a video of Meatball's first hike:

Looking for an active, loving home, with people who know this breed and are willing to work to train Meatball to teach him how to be polite in the house and around other dogs. Meatball is currently located in the Oakland, CA, area. 

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