Maddie (ADOPTED!) is an approximately 12 year old, female, cattle dog, whose elderly owner passed away last year. At 40 lbs., our girl is a few pounds more than she should be. Maddie has a very easy, mellow personality. She is a 'people' dog, who wants to be around people whenever possible. She is also fine with other dogs in the house, and plays a bit with her much younger, cattle dog foster sister.

For a dog her age, Maddie is proving to be quite playful and active at her foster home.  She likes squeaky plush toys, and likes to trot around the house carrying her 'skunk' in her mouth. She also likes to carry around a rubber ball. During leash walks, Maddie walks nicely at your side at a normal pace. She likes to stop and sniff along the way, and is not bothered by anything that may happen on the street. As a mellow dog, Maddie doesn't react to cats, skateboards, bicycles, cars, etc. She just enjoys her walk.

She does love food and treats, which might explain her weight and round shape. In the several weeks that she has been in her new foster home, Maddie has managed to get a waistline again. She is getting more exercise, and getting stronger everyday. She is now able to climb a flight of stairs without assistance, and jump up onto the sofa.

Maddie is completely housebroken. If she needs to go out she will stand at the door and woof softly to ask to go out. She is otherwise a very quiet girl. She never barks on her own, but may join in if other dogs in the house begin barking.  Her favorite thing is to be in a room with people. At her foster home, her preferred person is her foster grandmother. Maddie follows her everywhere and is never more than 5 feet away from her. However, if people leave the house, she is also fine with that. Our girl also is a good car passenger, and rides nicely.  

Although our fosters have not seen Maddie around children, relatives of her former person said that she is good around children and will retreat if the situation gets too chaotic for her. They also said that her former home had a cat for a while and Maddie was fine with him. In her former home, they said that Maddie would often choose to spend time in her crate. Currently, she seems to enjoy being where ever members of her foster family are, or on the couch.

Maddie's foster mom says that she is the easiest possible dog, and a pleasure to have around. She is calm and easy going, and doesn't get excited or bothered by anything. Maddie would be an ideal, easy keeper in many ways. Although 12 years old sounds old for a dog, cattle dogs, on average, live to 15 years and many may live to 16 years or more.

If you have questions about Maddie, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583. If you would like to meet Maddie, please begin by completing our adoption form at this link: Please download and print the form to be completed.


Sassy (ADOPTED!) is an 8 year old, female, cattle dog. Her owner passed away in August and unfortunately the family now needs to find her a home, as the owners house is being sold. Sassy is bonded with her sister, Maddie, and while we would prefer both dogs were adopted together, believe she would do fine on her own. Sassy takes a little while to warm up to people, but when she does, she loves belly rubs and attention. She is punctual for her 7:00 PM Treat (and was fed a few too many over the years). She is good around children and will retreat if the situation gets too chaotic for her. She is potty trained and will not have accidents as long as she is let out regularly. She walks well on a leash. She does not like crates or car rides. She is not destructive, nor a barker, but will let you know if someone is at the front door. Had one cat in the home for a year and a half and did OK with it. She is good with most other dogs. She hasn't been around many other large dogs besides her sister and has done fine with small dogs.


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