(ADOPTED!) We are helping a very sweet, gentle, lovely dog named Luna (North Bay Shelter ID#13375) to find a loving, caring home. Luna looks to be a German Shepherd, Kelpie or McNab/Border Collie mix. She is about 3 years old, and was surrendered to the North Bay Humane Society in Vallejo, CA, by her people, who said they were moving and “couldn’t” take her with them.
Luna is bewildered and unsure about being in a shelter kennel environment. She is shy in the kennel and has been initially timid around new people, but warms up quickly. Once she feels comfortable with someone, she is very affectionate and seems to be looking for her own human to love. The staff and volunteers are just getting to know her, but believe that she is a moderate energy girl, who seems to be good with other dogs, and would be fine with older children. She is a quiet and polite dog, and is NOT mouthy at all. Luna walks fairly nicely on leash, but could use a little more experience and training on what to do when leash walking.
Luna was curious about cats, but when she was startled by one during a walk with a volunteer, the cat scared the heck out of her.  She jumped back and stood still, with a loose leash.  With a proper introduction, Luna may be fine around cats.
Although Luna looks to have quite a bit of shepherd in her, she is a very lovely, gentle soul. Because many potential adopters visiting this shelter are seeking a German Shepherd type to be guard dogs, kept outside in the yard, the volunteers at the shelter are afraid that this could be Luna's fate if we cannot help this sweet and loving young lady find a caring home that will welcome her as a member of the family.
If you are interested at all in meeting Luna (ID#13375), Mary, a shelter volunteer is willing to transport Luna to you for a meet and greet (within a reasonable driving distance). You would not have to drive to the shelter to meet her. If you have questions or would like to meet Luna, you can call Mary at (707) 342-0711.  If you wish to visit Luna at the North Bay Shelter, Phone: (707) 645-7905.  It is located at 1121 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA.  Open Tues. thru Sun. from 11 am to 5 pm.


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