Percie (ADOPTED!) is 2 years old and 43 lbs. When his people were moving he and his sister were surrendered to the Yolo County, CA, shelter. His sister was adopted by a ranch couple, so he is by himself at the shelter now.

We spoke with the shelter manager yesterday, and she said Percie is a very sweet, loving, quiet, mellow dog. He is easy to leash, likes going on walks, he is fine when left alone, and is very social with people. Here is a link to Percie out for a walk:  He’ll make you laugh, when on walks sometimes he likes to hold the leash in his mouth and take himself on a walk. Recently, Percie was allowed to hang out in the manager’s office. As she worked, he came over and jumped into her lap, just happy to sit with her. When Percie first arrived at the shelter, he was very shy and scared. After a few weeks there, he is great when meeting people - wags his tail and gives kisses. He can catch treats and probably knows other tricks. He and his sister were probably left in the yard most of the time, but he does seem to be housebroken, as he doesn’t soil his kennel and waits until they take him out in the morning.  His original people also had a Chihuahua and a Yorkie, and he is fine with both small & large dogs.

The owner was moving and wasn’t taking them. Only after the shelter said they were full and could not take them, the owner came up with a story alleging that the two cattle dogs, Percie and his sister (she was the leader and instigator), found some kittens in the bushes of their yard and ate them. To people this sounds horrific, but to dogs left out in the yard all day, bored & looking for something to do, and when they find ‘wildlife’ out in the bushes this is what they do. To a dog, it was like catching a gopher or a lizard.  Based on the personalities of both dogs, we feel sure that Percie was the follower of his very busy, active, confident sister’s lead. Now that she has been adopted, he is showing his own sweet, soft and very loving personality. Although his sister may have initiated the alleged incident with the kittens, to be safe, it would still be best for him to be in a home without cats.

If you can help us by fostering him, to enable us to get him out of the shelter, where his time is very limited, please let us know:  email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call (707) 583-9583.

To adopt him directly from the shelter, please contact: For more info or to adopt Percie, please contact:  Yolo County Animal Services, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Ph: (530) 668-5287; Address: 140C Tony Diaz Drive, Woodland, CA 95776.


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