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(ADOPTED!) We are helping a very sweet, gentle, lovely dog named Luna (North Bay Shelter ID#13375) to find a loving, caring home. Luna looks to be a German Shepherd, Kelpie or McNab/Border Collie mix. She is about 3 years old, and was surrendered to the North Bay Humane Society in Vallejo, CA, by her people, who said they were moving and “couldn’t” take her with them.
Luna is bewildered and unsure about being in a shelter kennel environment. She is shy in the kennel and has been initially timid around new people, but warms up quickly. Once she feels comfortable with someone, she is very affectionate and seems to be looking for her own human to love. The staff and volunteers are just getting to know her, but believe that she is a moderate energy girl, who seems to be good with other dogs, and would be fine with older children. She is a quiet and polite dog, and is NOT mouthy at all. Luna walks fairly nicely on leash, but could use a little more experience and training on what to do when leash walking.
Luna was curious about cats, but when she was startled by one during a walk with a volunteer, the cat scared the heck out of her.  She jumped back and stood still, with a loose leash.  With a proper introduction, Luna may be fine around cats.
Although Luna looks to have quite a bit of shepherd in her, she is a very lovely, gentle soul. Because many potential adopters visiting this shelter are seeking a German Shepherd type to be guard dogs, kept outside in the yard, the volunteers at the shelter are afraid that this could be Luna's fate if we cannot help this sweet and loving young lady find a caring home that will welcome her as a member of the family.
If you are interested at all in meeting Luna (ID#13375), Mary, a shelter volunteer is willing to transport Luna to you for a meet and greet (within a reasonable driving distance). You would not have to drive to the shelter to meet her. If you have questions or would like to meet Luna, you can call Mary at (707) 342-0711.  If you wish to visit Luna at the North Bay Shelter, Phone: (707) 645-7905.  It is located at 1121 Sonoma Blvd., Vallejo, CA.  Open Tues. thru Sun. from 11 am to 5 pm.

(ADOPTED!) Meatball is still very much a pup maybe 1 year, or less? He is a super friendly little guy, happy, playful, and energetic. Meatball has all the classic cattle dog/heeler traits. He is very bright, and quickly adjusts to new things. He loves people (including children), and is especially enthusiastic when meeting and greeting new people. He wants to please, and is good with other dogs. We have not yet seen him with cats.

As with many of the young dogs needing rescue, he had not been taught anything, before being abandoned at a truck stop. He will need training and structure - to learn rules and boundaries. He is a very quick learner and very food motivated. As a young dog, he will need people who can give him a lot of daily exercise, and keep his very quick brain busy learning good manners. He has stolen treats from another dog, and if another male dog tries to compete with him for a treat or dominate him, Meatball will stand up for himself. Otherwise, he enjoys the company of other dogs and playing with them. We believe that he was an outside dog, as his fosters are working on housebreaking. He also seemed unfamiliar with being on leash, but very quickly adapted to wearing a harness and being on a leash. Here is a link to a video of Meatball's first hike:

Looking for an active, loving home, with people who know this breed and are willing to work to train Meatball to teach him how to be polite in the house and around other dogs. Meatball is currently located in the Oakland, CA, area. 

If you are interested in meeting Meatball, please begin by completing our adoption form, by clicking on the "Adopt" option near the top of our home page (hittgv.org), or use this link http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call our rescue phone: (707) 583-9583. 

Rocky (ADOPTED!) is a very loving, sweet natured, and generally happy dog. As a true blue cattle dog, he is devoted to his person. His favorite things are to stay close to his people, and having his belly scratched. At 6-7 years old, Rocky is very much in his prime, and still loves to run around the property. However, as cattle dogs go, he is a fairly calm, moderate energy guy. He weighs around 50 lbs.

With people he knows, Rocky is always loving and happy to see you. He will roll over immediately for belly scratches and wag his tail when you approach to greet him. When meeting new people, Rocky is generally friendly, but depending on how someone approaches, he can be cautious at first. He has been fine around children.

Rocky also gets along with most dogs. He would do best around females. With male dogs, he will guard resources (food, his territory, etc.), by barking and snapping at them. This is likely because until now, going to rescue to find a new home, he was not neutered. Otherwise, Rocky is polite and social when meeting and being around other dogs. He would do best having a female canine companion at his new home to help ease his adjustment into a new setting. It is not known how he is around cats. He is NOT good around chickens.

Rocky has all the traits of a classic cattle dog. He is a velcro dog who stays close to his person. In the past, he has herded cattle on the ranch, but outside of work, does not show any herding or nipping behavior. He is incredibly smart and observant. As a thinking dog, he can also have a mind of his own, and be a bit stubborn.

Rocky needs to find a new home, because his Dad has a terminal illness. His Dad’s daughter cannot keep Rocky because of her own situation, and she is desperately trying to find the right place for him.

He has been a ranch dog and an outdoor dog all of his life, freely roaming the property, and usually sleeping in the barn or on the front porch. As such, he does not know toys, and has never been crated. He has rarely been on leash, but recently when traveling to meet people, he has been fine on the leash, pulling only slightly. Rocky has only been in a vehicle a few times under stressful conditions for him. His new people should take him on short fun trips to help him associate car or truck rides with something good.
When on his home territory, with his people, and his dog companions, Rocky is a calm happy boy. When comfortable at home, he has no separation anxiety, does not a dig, and he is fairly quiet. He will bark when strangers come onto the property, or when other dogs are barking.

However, Rocky’s people tried to place him at one new home, where the new people tethered him alone, outside, overnight. In his distress, he dug up the yard, and barked/howled most of the night.

Rocky is a great all round dog who needs the right owner to give him love attention and exercise he needs. He will need people who are experienced with this breed, who can also be patient and understanding about his sadness, confusion and panic in losing his person, and work to extinguish his desire to go back home to his former life. He loves human attention and companionship, which would go a long way to help him become comfortable in a new home.

If you If you are interested in meeting Rocky, please begin by completing our adoption form, by clicking on the "Adopt" option, above, near the top of our home page, or use this link http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.

Bucky (ADOPTED!) is 2.5 years old, and weighs 50 lbs. He is a happy, playful, even tempered, calm, super affectionate guy. He has been great with all dogs and people he has met. Bucky is happy to meet new people and be petted by strangers. He greets men and women with equal enthusiasm.

Having the cattle dog velcro nature, he loves being near his person/people, and he can always be found him hanging out within 5 to 10 feet of one of someone. He loves cuddling with his people, getting belly rubs and being petted. When his fosters are watching TV, he will often crawl between them for petting and stay there for hours. He likes to lick your hand or arm as you pet him to return the favor.

When you walk in the door, he comes running over to greet you, tail wagging, but does NOT jump up on you. Also, he has NOT shown any tendency to nip at heels or feet. We have not yet seen him around any children or cats.

When meeting other dogs, Bucky has always been well mannered and appropriate. He does the normal circling and sniffing meet and greet, in a relaxed and polite way. After a minute, he may invite the other dog to play by wagging his tail, and taking a playful stance. He and his cattle dog foster sister play quite a bit everyday. Also, while visiting two dog neighbors, they all played well and even took naps together. Bucky loves to play tug with rope or stuffed toys with another dog or a human.

Our happy boy likes chew toys, bully sticks. He only chews his toys/treats, and does not touch household items. Bucky likes to carry a chew toy around the house, and will frequently drop it in front of you, to invite you to play with him. He also enjoys fetching, both, stuffed squeaky toys and balls. He will retrieve and drop them at your feet.

Bucky is a moderate energy guy, who is fine self entertaining with toys, or relaxing on the couch, the floor, or in a dog bed when inside. However, he does not like being in a crate and tries to avoid it completely, especially if people, who could shut the door on him, are nearby.

Bucky is completely housebroken. He does know several commands (sit, down, come, stay, stay back), is very smart, attentive and learns quickly. Bucky is also very eager to please, and is quick to respond when you ask him to do something. He will heed you if told to “Stay back,” accompanied by a hand signal. He has not tried to bolt through the door or gate.

Bucky generally has very good manners in the house. The only time he ever leaps up in the house is when he is panicked about being leashed. Once, he did take a hunk of freshly grilled steak off the counter after humans placed it there and left the room. Clearly they didn’t want it, right?! When at a park, if you stop and sit on a bench or picnic table, Bucky will hop up and sit next to you. If there is a bench seat situation in the house, he will do the same. Very sweet, actually.

He adores treats, and can get a bit too exuberant and mouthy with delicious high value treats. Bucky needs to learn to be gentle with his teeth when being given very tasty food. He does NOT resource guard or have any issues with food while near other dogs or people.

We were told that Bucky’s original person worked with him using punishment based correction measures, and that our boy may not have received the TLC that he craved. This has helped us to understand the root of some anxieties he has in various situations.

From his past life he developed anxieties about leash walks and busy streets. He is very nervous and overly stimulated in anticipation of a walk, and getting out the door can be a challenge. When his fosters begin leashing him, he will bark, spin in circles, and lunge at the door. Once out of the house, he will bark during the first 30-40 feet, and then settle down and be fine. We were told that his original owner used a prong collar on him. We believe that he is associating the act of being leashed, with pain and negative treatment he experienced on walks when he was a pup.

Once his initial anxiety about getting out the door has passed, Bucky is calm and happy walking in quiet, calm areas or at the beach. He will walk easily at your side, about a step or two behind you. Once he bonds with his new people he will likely be fine off-leash, as long as he is in a calm environment. He has done very well hiking on trails in the woods, and at a beach. However, he is a nervous wreck in busy/high traffic, urban areas. When crossing busy intersections or anyplace with a lot of moving cars, he becomes highly stressed, and will wildly leap straight up, trying to grab and bite through the leash. Once he is out of the busy traffic scene, Bucky quickly settles again.

Currently, his fosters are avoiding any such situations that overstimulate him or cause him to become anxious. In just a few weeks, without the daily dread of being taken into a situation that triggers his panic, he has mellowed quite a bit more.

As with many rescue dogs during the first several weeks, Bucky was upset for the first few minutes, when people left the house for work. Very recently he seemed to figure out the family routines, and his separation anxiety has subsided quite a bit. Now, he doesn’t react at all when people leave for work.

Bucky will need experienced cattle dog adopters who can understand and eventually help him work through his anxieties about leash walks, and being in high traffic areas. We believe that he needs a home situation where he can avoid these stressful situations, at least for awhile, to help extinguish his panic in these situations. We would urge his new people to consult with a professional (positive only) trainer to get started in the right direction. Since being leashed is a challenge for him, Bucky will need a home with a yard to allow him to go out to do his dog business without being on leash. He would love a home with access to a large yard or property, where he can run, play, and enjoy the outdoors. He has potential to be a great frisbee and ball fetcher.

If you If you are interested in meeting Bucky, please begin by completing our adoption form, by clicking on the "Adopt" option, above, near the top of our home page, or use this link http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.

Gisele (ADOPTED!) is a 45 lb., happy, bundle of love, with a fun personality, who adores being with people. She is around 3-4 years old, LOVES life, exploring new places, and making new dog acquaintances. We can truly call her a vivacious young lady, and everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

Gisele has been friendly with everyone she’s met, including children, and she is NOT a protective watch dog. Our girl loves human attention and being petted (not too rough though!), and will roll over on her back for belly rubs. She seems to think she is a little dog, and goes right up to peoples’ laps to nuzzle them.

Gisele is curious about other dogs as well as people. She will wag her tail and vocalize when she sees other dogs on walks or at the beach. When you let her go up to them, she meets politely, and is satisfied to just sniff and say hi. She is not one to run off wildly to romp and play with another dog. Her focus is people and her person.

Gisele exhibits a few classic cattle dog characteristics, including being a velcro dog. She follows her foster mom around everywhere, and if they have been apart even for a short time, when Gisele sees her, she will wiggle her butt, have a big smile and put her ears back in glee.  She also has that quality that we admire in the breed, of embracing life and having almost no fear of the unknown.  

This girl came straight from the streets of Oakland, then was cooped up in a shelter for 3 months. On her second day out of the shelter, Gisele had a day at the beach at Fort Funston. She followed her canine foster sister right into the water with waves coming at her, with no hesitation or fear.  Besides being perfectly happy and comfortable in an overwhelming environment full of people and dogs, she also showed off her swimming skills. She has an amazing spirit, and seems to be a natural born water dog!

She is super smart and will need various activities to keep her brain engaged each day. She is very attentive to her person, even when on outings in different situations. When having fun at a beach or park, if you call her name to get her attention focused back on you, she will happily heed you and come running back. Although it has only been a few days, since Gisele has been out of the shelter, and she has been great in several semi-urban, busy situations. She didn’t react at all when a young person rode past, right in front of her, on a scooter, and more impressively, she also didn’t respond AT ALL when a skateboarder went right by!!

When inside, Gisele likes to chill and lay down, but is always looking forward to her next walk and park visit. She does not chew or have destructive behavior even when left alone. She is also crate trained, and will happily sleep all night in her crate. Gisele has good manners when she greets people, and does NOT jump up all over you. She shows her excitement by coming to you with her happy smile, her ears back, and a vigorously wagging tail.

She has the potential to become a ball dog. She does love chasing around soccer balls. She was trying to play with a soccer ball that some children were kicking around, and she let them take it the ball from her without any objection.

Gisele is just learning the everyday things that her foster siblings take for granted - such as riding in the car. She’s not sure how to jump in, she will get her front paws in but then will whine as her foster mom tries to encourage her to jump into the car. As a solution, she has been riding in a crate in the back of the car. She will enter the crate easily with just a gentle tug on the leash. She is comfortable hanging out in there during the ride and doesn’t get car sick.

The other everyday item that worried Gisele are stairs that have no risers, and you can see through the gap between each step. Gisele would go up a few stairs, then hurry back down, and then whine and bark a little in distress. After almost an hour of trying to coax her up the flight of stairs, her foster mom draped beach towels along the stairs - think Hollywood red carpet style - so they were no longer see through. Gisele then she ran all the way up the stairs, no problem! After doing the towel thing two more times, they didn’t need them anymore and Gisele began scrambling up the stairs on her own, knowing she wasn’t going to fall down.

Gisele is a wonderful dog, with an unflagging, happy, indomitable spirit.  She would be a super companion for anyone who is fairly active. She just wants to be with her people. She is also just as happy hanging with you at home (if she has had her daily exercise). As a very outgoing girl, who is excited to be out and about, and looks forward to exploring what’s around the corner, Gisele would make a great hiking and camping buddy.  

If you If you are interested in meeting Gisele, please begin by completing our adoption form, by clicking on the "Adopt" option, above, near the top of our home page, or use this link http://hittgv.org/index.php/adopt.  Please download and print the form to be completed. If you have questions, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or leave a message at (707) 583-9583.


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