Happy Tails

Cheyenne (ADOPTED) (reddish brown, hazel eyes) is approximately 8 months old, weighs 43 lbs, and is happy and friendly.  He is extremely well mannered, with a soft, gentle, compliant, and outgoing disposition.  Cheyenne loves people and being close to you.  He is still learning what the world is all about and needs people who will introduce him to new things and help him build some confidence.  He was a tad scared when in the noisy shelter environment and tends to hide behind people when things get too busy for him.   He is very playful, responsive, and eager to please.  Cheyenne loves treats, playing outside, and learning about toys.  He plays well with other dogs, and is a good follower.  He tends to be submissive to other dogs.  Cheyenne takes direction extremely well.  He is learning to sit and lie down, and walking on a leash.  He is an awesome dog and would be the perfect companion.  Everyone who has met this handsome boy loves him!

Kahlua (ADOPTED) is now living with her new mom and two pre-adolescent children, and enjoys being part of family outings and activities. She loves to meet new people and roll over on her back in hopes of getting a belly rub or two!

Kahlua is a Kelpie mix, about 1 year old, weighing 50 lbs. She loves being outside and is a playful, happy girl.  Kahlua is very responsive to and focused on people, and loves attention. She will roll over for belly rubs, and has a very gentle, even tempered, calm and relaxed disposition.  Kahlua is extremely sweet and quiet.  She will learn quickly, as she is very smart, eager to please, and responsive.  Kahlua has an excellent way with other dogs.  She is an active girl who has a wonderfully balanced and stable disposition, coupled with a zest for life. She loves toys, and is very much a ball dog. Kahlua is a fabulous dog for a family that wants an intelligent, playful, herding breed dog, without the intense, constantly busy personality.

Zeus, whose new name is Wileyhad been at a shelter for a month before we found him. The shelter people thought he was such a great dog that they couldn't bear to put him down and asked for help to place him. We immediately stepped in and brought Zeus to HITTGV. He is a very smart dog and already knew most of the basic commands like sit, lie down, stay, come, roll over, high-five, and probably more that we don't know about.  He has a happy, calm, relaxed and easy temperament; but when you turn on his "play" switch, you can see he was born to play. He is now happily ensconced on a large vineyard property with his other four legged siblings.

Nikki, (ADOPTED) is happily living in Pacifica with a new cattle dog sister to play with. She is enjoying hikes and exploring the great outdoors with her new family. Sounds like fun Nikki!

Nikki is a young, red border collie/cattledog mix, is a gorgeous girl who needs a calm and quiet forever home. She is a gentle girl who will need a non-chaotic environment to let her heal and restore her spirits.

This girl probably has had very little, if any, love in her lifetime, until now.  She loves her new name, Nikki! She gets all bouncy and happy, and will come springing like a gazelle as if she can't believe that you want to see her! She is very fast and loves to race around...a very high energy girl. She is hesitant with strangers and will cower when she hears loud noises or voices. But once she knows she won't be hurt, she makes friends easily. She gets along with dogs as she had nearly 15 other house mates, while she was being nursed back to health. She likes toys and will run with them, but has no idea what "fetch" is. She needs a soft-spoken and dog-savvy home. No kids would be best for her, unless they are older and gentle. 

Everything is new for this girl. She is crate trained, only in the sense that at her first foster, her crate was only for sleeping and resting; and her door always remained open. She needs to run and is not a dog who would appreciate being cooped up in an apartment or house with little or no yard.  She loves soft cuddles and gives appreciative kisses. No rough-housing from a person, but she plays with other dogs and vocalizes while she does. Makes a bunch of different noises...just her way!

Fiona was found in the garden area of a Lowe's Home Improvement store, trying to follow people and being shoo'd away. The guardian angel who rescued her, called her over, opened the door to her car and let Fiona do the rest. Fiona happily hopped into her car and went home to her new foster life, where she showed to be quiet and shy, perhaps a little bit unsure of herself. She bonded quickly with her people, becoming a little shadow and when she realized that she was safe, began to relax and become more confident. A sweet, little soul, Fiona is now in her forever home!



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