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altADOPTED! Jilly is a charming, quiet girl, with a friendly, relaxed personality. It is clear she loves people, is very patient and is content to go with the flow of things. She is very curious about her surroundings and enjoys riding in the car so she can poke her head out to sniff and watch the world go by. Jilly is good on leash, does not pull at all and will readily follow your lead. However, she needs occasional correction not to alternate sides. She is approximately 2 years old and was originally found wandering in a field.

Although an exceptionally sweet and playful dog, as often the case with cattle dogs, Jilly would probably be most comfortable in a home without small children.
We will update our notes about her as we learn more about her.  For now, here are some additional notes we received from the shelter, where we rescued her from:
"There was a small barking dog we walked past and she didn't seem to be bothered by her at all.  (She) noticed one of the kitties in their condo, and she politely and quietly put her nose up to the window as we walked by.  She let me pet and cuddle with her while in the yard.  (She) met the large dog in the outdoor kennel next to us, and she seemed to enjoy watching the people that walked by."

altADOPTED! Tasha is a wonderful dog in her autumn years and deserves a great home to live out her life. She has been well trained, is quiet and alert, and no trouble at all. She is quite the social butterfly when it comes to visiting and meeting new people.  She is a happy and confident dog with the most amazingly soft coat. Tasha LOVES going for walks and sniffing around. When she sees the leash, she starts bouncing and skipping around the room. Another favorite thing of hers is to roll around on her back in the grass. Tasha has the personality of a dog much younger than her 12+ years. 

Sasha does have a bad knee and is on medication to help her knee pain. Tasha was rescued with this condition. Although her pain is being managed, she is not otherwise being treated for her knee issue.

altADOPTED! Mercedes is approximately two years old. She is very thin and currently only weighs 30 lbs. Mercedes is an incredibly loving dog, who is completely focused on people and wants to please. She is quiet, very attentive, and will try to do whatever you want. Mercedes sees people as her security and wants nothing more than to be curled up in someone’s lap.  She is the definition of a “velcro” dog, who will bond very closely with someone as the most adoring, loyal companion, at your side at all times. Mercedes is house trained, crated trained and walks well on leash. She appears to have had some basic obedience training, and enjoys playing ball.

Mercedes has shown the desire to be dominant with other female dogs. Also, depending on the other dog, when in her crate, she will sometimes growl a complaint when they come near.  Although Mercedes originally was found together with a male cattle dog, she is not interested in other dogs and is not playful with them. This could be a temporary state of mind, as she has been through many very stressful changes in the past several weeks, and has not had an opportunity to feel relaxed or secure. She needs a loving home, where she will feel safe, slowly feel more confident, and allow her personality to blossom.

altADOPTED!  Sedona is a very gentle, sweet natured and friendly girl.  She is perhaps 2 to 3 years old and weighs 53 lbs. Sedona is an extremely smart, patient, and calm dog. Her main focus is on people. She has a very easy going and quietly contented temperament. This is not to say that Sedona is a boring dog, far from it. She is ready to go wherever and do whatever with her person/ people; and when she gets to know someone, she is playful, attentive and very responsive. She loves human attention, but is very polite and waits until you are ready to spend quality time with her. In true cattle dog fashion, Sedona is looking to bond with her own person/people, and will be an extremely devoted companion. 

She is also very well mannered and very tolerant about being handled. We lifted her onto the vet table for an exam and she was very compliant. She never attempted to get off the table, even when the vet left the room for 10 minutes, but instead made herself comfortable, laid down, and licked her handler’s nose.
Sedona walks very nicely on leash, and will frequently and "check in" with you, by looking up with a big smile to let you know she is enjoying her walk. She seems to be fine with cats, pretty much ignoring them. She is also very good with other dogs. She meets them calmly and is not concerned about them. In the few days we have had her, Sedona has shown that she knows some basic obedience commands, and appears to be house trained. She has a soft coat and enjoys being brushed. This writer believes that Sedona is the best dog and most perfect companion.


ADOPTED! Here is our beloved Sienna with her very last puppy. It has been a wonderful experience watching Sienna raise such strong and playful pups, but very sweet and a little sad as she says goodbye to her last pup out of nine. What a good mother she has been, loving and nurturing. Well done, Sienna! Now, both are off to their forever homes for a new beginning. What a happy ending for Sienna and all her pups!

UPDATE! Sienna is a happy family member at her new forever home where she continues her tradition of loving and nurturing her own. Taking a cue from her new mom person, each night Sienna will visit every family member going from bedside to bedside until every last person is tucked away for the night. Only then will she settle in for her own beauty rest. When she was with us, we saw her devotion to her family as she raised her nine pups and now we see it again as she takes care of a family of four who are bursting with gratitude and love for the little red dog that stole our hearts.


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