Happy Tails

altADOPTED! Sunny was rescued from the same shelter as our Jackson. We cannot believe this dog was found as a stray and never claimed. He is a handsome, wonderful little guy, and a typical busy cattle dog. We have had Sunny for only a few days, but can say he is very good with other dogs and people. He is happy, energetic, playful, likes toys and to retrieve sticks. In short, Sunny is a great dog, and still very much a puppy in personality. He walks fairly well on leash. Sunny has the classic cattle dog trait of wanting to bond very closely with someone and velcro himself to that person.  Except for the fact that Sunny has his gorgeous tail and Jackson has none at all, we would have thought the two were litter mates!  Sunny is also about 10 months, with a personality and temperament very similar to Jackson's. We put the two together and they had an instant bond, playing and interacting as if they were brothers. We will add information as we learn more about him from his foster.



ADOPTED! OLLIE is sweet as can be for the little attention she received for most of her life. The vet estimates her to be about 10  years old.  Ollie is very people focused, wants to please, is very responsive and is very trainable. Ollie gets along very well with other friendly, playful dogs.  If adopted into a home with a dominant dog, they may have a tussle over who will be top dog. Ollie was raised around children, and was living in a house surrounded by cats.

Ollie was rescued when her owner, who was a hoarder, died.  We were told that for several years, the neighborhood watched the neglect of this dog and attempted to persuade Ollie's owner to give her up.  She was kept in a cage all the time, with occasional walks.  

Ollie's foster person decided to foster her when he heard that she was going to be collected by Animal Control.  We are seeking a permanent, loving home for Ollie, where she can begin to live and rediscover the world.

Ollie has been spayed and up to date on all her vaccinations. She is currently being treated for a tick borne disease (NOT Lyme's), but otherwise the vet said she is in great shape and very healthy.

If you are interested at all in Ollie or have questions about her, please contact Greg at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call: 415-297-9102.


altADOPTED!  Scout is a happy, energetic guy who loves people and will sit in your lap if encouraged. He is also good with other dogs; he very much wants to play and, uh, herd them around. He would also be a fantastic working or agility dog. Scout is a compact and sturdy 34.5 lbs with a very wiggly, puppy-like personality.  He is an extremely loving and lovable little guy, who makes us laugh constantly.

Scout responds to hand signals and whistles. He will sit with a hand signal. He also sat with a verbal command, but after he was first given a hand signal to sit. He is quickly learning to walk on leash. Scout has energy to burn and as with all young cattle dogs will need plenty of exercise, both physical and mental.  He is a very smart boy, who wants to please.  Although he is very excited when going places and discovering new things, an authoritative voice will get his attention and he will settle down. Scout does NOT guard resources or food  He is, however, mouthy and tries to communicate with his mouth. For this reason and the fact that he may try to herd them, he would not be suitable around very small children. 
With some basic obedience training, consistent guidance, and plenty of positive reinforcement and TLC, we feel sure Scout will become a model citizen! We believe he is house trained. He is current on all shots, neutered, and heartworm negative.

altADOPTED! Jilly is a charming, quiet girl, with a friendly, relaxed personality. It is clear she loves people, is very patient and is content to go with the flow of things. She is very curious about her surroundings and enjoys riding in the car so she can poke her head out to sniff and watch the world go by. Jilly is good on leash, does not pull at all and will readily follow your lead. However, she needs occasional correction not to alternate sides. She is approximately 2 years old and was originally found wandering in a field.

Although an exceptionally sweet and playful dog, as often the case with cattle dogs, Jilly would probably be most comfortable in a home without small children.
We will update our notes about her as we learn more about her.  For now, here are some additional notes we received from the shelter, where we rescued her from:
"There was a small barking dog we walked past and she didn't seem to be bothered by her at all.  (She) noticed one of the kitties in their condo, and she politely and quietly put her nose up to the window as we walked by.  She let me pet and cuddle with her while in the yard.  (She) met the large dog in the outdoor kennel next to us, and she seemed to enjoy watching the people that walked by."

altADOPTED! Tasha is a wonderful dog in her autumn years and deserves a great home to live out her life. She has been well trained, is quiet and alert, and no trouble at all. She is quite the social butterfly when it comes to visiting and meeting new people.  She is a happy and confident dog with the most amazingly soft coat. Tasha LOVES going for walks and sniffing around. When she sees the leash, she starts bouncing and skipping around the room. Another favorite thing of hers is to roll around on her back in the grass. Tasha has the personality of a dog much younger than her 12+ years. 

Sasha does have a bad knee and is on medication to help her knee pain. Tasha was rescued with this condition. Although her pain is being managed, she is not otherwise being treated for her knee issue.


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