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BuckOur sweet Buck (ADOPTED!) is very friendly with all people and all dogs.  He weighs 35 lbs. and we estimate is between 1-2 years old.  He is happy, mellow, and very social when meeting and around people.   Buck adores human attention, and is very loving with his people.  He will put his head on your lap or nuzzle you, wanting to cuddle.  As a typical cattle dog, he checks in often with his person/people and likes to follow you from room to room. 

Our boy very much enjoys playing with other dogs, and is a HUGE fan of tennis balls.  He is easy going when meeting and around other dogs (and people) and does NOT guard his toys or food at all, and is NOT mouthy, and he does NOT try to chew on things.  As a young dog, Buck is a moderate to high energy guy.  He is also extremely smart, observant and curious, wanting to check out new places and things.  He will need a home where he can get a good deal of both physical exercise and activities to keep his brain occupied. Buck

Buck is very attentive to his people.  He minds people, is very eager to please, and will come when called.  His foster mom says he is a fast learner and learns routines very quickly.  He is learning a few commands, but previously was never taught any obedience commands. 

Buck is housebroken, and will go into his crate to sleep at night.  He also rides very nicely in a car.  He loves going out on walks. Buck enjoys being part of a pack and will follow the lead of his canine foster brother and sister, when out on walks.  He is also quiet and fine when left alone.

As a happy, playful guy, the only time we have seen his herding instinct emerge, is when he wants to play with another dog.  If a dog is not quick to run and play, Buck will nip at the other dog's heels to try to get him/her going.  He can be a pest, if the other dog doesn't want to play.  We have not seen Buck with cats or children.  All in all, Buck is just a very easy going boy, whose tail is constantly, happily wagging.



Orbit (ADOPTION PENDING) is a sweet and loving Australian cattle dog/kelpie cross.  He is approximately 18 months old, weighs 35 lbs. and is handsome, smart and athletic.  He is great with all people and all dogs.  Orbit loves playing with his foster brothers and sister, as well as meeting new dogs at the dog park.  He is very friendly, outgoing, and full of life, with a sweet, happy, and playful disposition. Every volunteer who has met him, describe him as "a sweetheart" or "a darling boy."

Our boy had a rough start in life.  He was confined to a small back yard with little stimulation.  From his very first daily walks, it was clear that he had never been in the outside world. Orbit didn't know what cars were, and had never walked on an incline (up a hill).  Not knowing what to do in these new situations, he would immediately flatten himself on the ground and refuse to budge.  He also came to us with a respiratory infection and an infection on his tail, caused by compulsive chewing.  As a young herding dog with an active mind and energy to burn out, we believe that he began chewing his tail out of boredom and frustration with the lack of an outlet and activity.

Since being rescued, Orbit is adapting quickly and joyously to the outside world.  He is learning to walk nicely on a leash, and only took a couple of days to be housebroken. Our vet surgically cleaned and trimmed his raggedly chewed tail, and his wounds are healing nicely.  With healthy outlets for Orbit's desire to run and play, and once his tail is healed, we are confident that his habit of perceiving his tail as a bother to him will eventually disappear.

Orbit is looking for his forever family and constant companion(s).  He would be better in a household where he was not left alone for long periods of time until he can settle in and trust he is safe.  He would be a fantastic running buddy and family dog.  Orbit would do well in a multi-dog household, with opportunity for lots of daily exercise, and exposure to new things in the world.

Orbit is current on all his vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and heartworm negative.

Please call us if you are interested at all.  We ask all potential adopters to complete and submit the adoption form, found on our website: hittgv.org (click on the "Adopt" tab).



Dusty (ADOPTED!) is about 18 months old and weighs 35 lbs.  She is a sweet, quiet, happy girl, who is content to be with her people and/or gnawing on a chew toy.

She can be a bit hesitant when first meeting people, but will warm up quickly once she knows you're ok.  Once she knows someone, she is very trusting and loving, and will bond quickly.  Dusty will follow her people around, and every now and then give you a gentle nudge and some kisses to let you know she would like some attention.  She may remain shy with some larger men, even after being familiar with them, and definitely prefers the company of women.

Our girl is outgoing and playful with dogs, and is on the submissive side.  She loves all dogs – big, small, male, or female - and gets along with cats, provided there is a proper introduction.  Dusty is good with older children, but we have not yet seen her around young children or toddlers.

She waits patiently at feeding time for her food and shows NO resource guarding around food or toys.  She enjoys lounging on her bed with a good bone and being with her people.  Dusty does NOT get on the furniture, dig in the yard, or bark much.  When she is happy and excited she may talk a little.  She is also very good when left alone – whether in the house or in the car – and shows no separation anxiety issues.  She just waits for her person to return and provides smiles and tail wags at the door.  She has also been fine in a crate for a few hours at a time and is housebroken. 


Many things are new to her, like walking on a leash, basic commands, and even treats. Being a young girl with no formal training, she will need a dedicated family who will spend time training her.  Being a young and timid girl, there are situations where she needs to build her confidence.  She can be fearful of men and people who are not in her circle of friends.  Because of this, she will need someone who is experienced and can help her be more comfortable with new people and situations. 

When we rescued Dusty, we had x-rays taken for her 'sore leg' to find that she had a formerly broken rear leg, which had healed on it's own, and was still living with her other rear leg completely dislocated from the hip socket - apparently for some time.  We decided to pay for orthopedic surgery to fix her dislocated leg. Her surgery was on 10/24/14 and Dusty is healing quite well, and walking on that leg. The surgeon said once completely healed, she will be pain free and able to walk and move normally. 




Riley (ADOPTED!) is about 9-12 months old and weighs about 56 lbs., and seems to be a cattle dog and Lab mix.  He has a super personality.  Riley is a very friendly, social guy with all dogs and people.  He is just a happy, playful boy looking for people to call his own.  


As a big pup, he will need his people to work with him to teach him routines and household rules.  Will update soon with more info on this friendly and playful boy!  In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact us:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (707) 583-9583.



Cooper (ADOPTED!) is a gentle and happy soul, with a calm, easy going nature.  He adores all people, and just wants to be loved.  We estimate he is about 4-years old and weighs 40 lbs.  He is  moderate energy dog, who in true cattle dog fashion, wants to be by his person's side whenever possible.  When meeting new people, he is a little shy, but warms up quickly to both men and women.  He has no preference and adores being be loved and petted by all people.

His fosters described Cooper's personality as complete sweetness. He will often sit quietly and gaze at his humans with pure love in his eyes. Once he feels comfortable, he is also a very playful boy, who comes alive when you begin playing ball with him.  Cooper is fine with other dogs, but may want to have his people all to himself. He will need need people who can be clear leaders to make him understand that it is not his job to keep other dogs away from the attention of his humans. Since Cooper is submissive to and wants to please his people, once this is made clear to him, he stops this behavior and is completely fine.  His is good with children and ignores cats.

Cooper is also housebroken and walks well on leash.  He prefers sleeping on his dog bed, rather than in a crate.  He is NOT mouthy and does NOT dig in the yard.  Cooper knows a few commands, and his adopters should continue his training and build his reperatoire of basic commands.  He is a very smart boy, who very much wants to please his people.  For these reasons, he is motivated to make his people happy, and would learn quickly.

Cooper is a little nervous when riding in a car.  A few regular trips to the park or other enjoyable excursions, should have him eagerly hopping into the car very soon.  Our boy is also a bit needy when his humans initially leave him, but does NOT bark or destroy anything when left alone.  We believe that once he understands that he is not going to be abandoned, these issues will eventually fall away.  He would do best in a home where he will NOT be left alone for long hours. Getting the love and attention that he craves from his very own people, will do much to help him develop the confidence he needs.


Many observations about Cooper lead us to believe that in his former life, he was not exposed to very much.  His fosters describe him as "naive" and wide-eyed when exposed to new situations.  We are seeking a loving family that will take Cooper by the paw, to new places and show him the good things that the world has to offer.

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