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Lucy (ADOPTED!) is approximately 14 weeks old and weighs 14.5 lbs. She is very friendly, outgoing, and playful.  Although she looks to be all border collie, her mother is a classic blue merle heeler. Lucy is very sweet, loves being held and interacting with people. 

Similar to her brother, Snoopy, Lucy is always happy, very friendly, loving and rather curious. After she eats and plays for a little while, Lucy is happy to hang out. She will investigate new things, and come out when something is going on or to meet people.  When they aren't being playful puppies, all the pups in this litter show a calm, easy nature, much like their cattle dog mother.  When their foster mom is preparing their food, Lucy will sit quietly, watching, and waiting to be fed.  Lucy is learning 'sit,' 'come,' and is being house trained, to do her business outside - or on puppy pads.

(Please see Snoopy; Gypsy; and Cali; for additional group photos.)



Cali (ADOPTED!) is approximately 14 weeks old and weighs 11 lbs.  She is the one with the little spot on her forehead. Although she looks to be all Border collie, her mother is a classic blue merle heeler.  Cali is a playful, confident and extremely bright girl.  She is the one often trying to engage the others to play, and is the brave one.  Like the other puppies, she loves being held.

When their foster mom is preparing their food, Cali will sit quietly, watching, and waiting to be fed.  After they eat, and get a bit of playing out of their systems, all the pups in this litter show a calm nature, much like their cattle dog mother. She is very responsive to people. Cali is learning 'sit,' 'come,' and is being house trained, to do her business outside - or on puppy pads.

(Please see postings for Snoopy; Lucy; and Gypsy for additional group photos.)



Max (ADOPTED!) is a male Corgi mix approximately 1-year-old and weighs 18 lbs.  He is a great smaller dog with a big brave heart. He’s very cute with big bat ears that he hears everything with.  He is playful and loves to run and play.  Max needs daily activity to burn off his young energy.

He tries to be a bit bossy with other dogs and would not do well with smaller or younger children, as he does like to herd and nip sometimes while he is playing.  He has done very well with his foster’s 8-year-old granddaughter going for dog walks and hanging about the house together.   Max is very loving and attaches to his household and family very quickly.  He wants to be with you and be your loyal companion at all times.


He arrived at his fosters house with separation anxiety issues and when he was left home in his kennel or in the car while out running errands he would bark.  Max has settled in and he does still bark but stops quickly when you are out of sight. His anxiety issues have improved quite a bit in the short time he has been with us.

He is a quick learner and listens well.  Max has steadily been improving on his manners.  He has all his basics down, is eager to please and enjoys being worked with. Max really is a great little guy - super loving and looking to devote himself to you and be your best friend and companion ever!!!


We rescued Opal, along with her mother and brother Jasper.  They had a rough start of probably living on the street and fending for themselves.  All have made great strides in less than 2-weeks and are doing nicely.  Opal and her brother are 7- to 8-weeks-old (on Thanksgiving) and are ready to make the transition into their forever homes.


Opal (ADOPTED!) currently weighs almost 7 lbs.  She is very quiet and a bit timid.  Like her mom, she is very gentle, super sweet and submissive in nature.  If her brother comes to eat her food, or steals toys from her, she doesn't put up any protest.  She was not accustomed to being around people, and needs more human socialization. We are seeking a calm, loving home environment for Opal, with people who have the time and patience to bring her out of her shell and help build her confidence. Her people need to show her that humans and the world are not scary. Opal would NOT do well in a busy household with small children and a lot of activity. She is a delicate flower, who also feels the cold and needs to be warm at night.



Jasper (ADOPTED!) is currently almost 8 lbs. He is your typical playful, friendly puppy, who is full of life.  He is a very good eater, and very healthy and round!  Jasper is a happy boy, who is great with people and loves human attention and petting.  He seems to have a very well balanced, sweet, loving personality.  He is bolder than his sister, and he doesn't yet have manners.  If he thinks his sister has a fun toy, he will take it from her to play with it himself.







ZenZen (ADOPTION PENDING) is a very calm, quiet, low-medium energy Australian kelpie and cattle dog mix.  He weights 45 lbs. and is about 2-3 years old.  Zen is a sweet, gentle boy, described by everyone who has met him as being extremely "polite" and well mannered.  Although mostly a low key dog, when his people come home, he will greet them with excitement, and make a happy gurgling sound like Chewbacca in Star Wars.  As with most cattle dogs, Zen wants to be with and follow his people whenever possible. He is a super and loving companion, who will find a nice spot to lay down where ever you are. 

This boy is friendly with all people, but does not immediately approach new people.  He will slowly make his way over and just hang out.  He is also excellent with all dogs.  When he first meets new dogs, he may nervously raises his hackles for a few seconds.  He plays nicely with all other dogs. When his fosters' smaller dogs were a bit pushy and aggressive with him, Zen would just back away.  He has also met young children and is calm and solid with them.  We have not seen him around cats. 

Zen enjoys balls and playing fetch, and chewing on bully sticks or pressed rawhide bones.  He does NOT guard food or resources, and again, is very polite if you take or move something he has.  Zen is also NOT mouthy at all.  He also rides very quietly in a car.  When out on walks, Zen likes to sniff and explore, and may pull a little, but not very hard.Zen

While he is a calm dog, Zen still has his fears. If unsure of a new situation and strange people, he sits quietly and shivers, appearing a little nervous or stressed.  Once he understands a routine and that he will be safe, he will relax.  Zen has only barked once when  he was extremely upset and scared.

Although our boy is very easy going and compliant, he also has his moments, and unique quirks. He enjoys going into his crate with a bully stick or something to chew, but objects to sleeping in a crate at night.  If he's left alone in a fenced yard for even a few minutes, and finds something, such as a planter box, covered trash can, etc. along the fence that he can leap onto, he will use it as a springboard to get over the fence.  Once he is out, he will just hang out in a nearby neighbors front yard.  Also, while Zen seems to be housebroken, the first time he enters a house he may try to lift his leg somewhere. If you catch him and stop him, he won't try again, and will be fine in the house.  Zen knows several commands, sit, lay down, and shake.

Everyone who has met this boy, has absolutely adored and raved about his wonderful manners and solid personality.  He needs an equally solid new home, with supportive and loving people, who can help him overcome the fears he seems to harbor and internalize.

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