Happy Tails

Augie (ADOPTED!) is a 15-18 months old, 41 pound boy, who is very friendly, full of life and kisses. He meets everyone with a tail wag, and has a very happy disposition. He is a moderate energy guy, but as a young dog, he needs daily exercise. Augie wants to play and walk first thing in the morning. Once he has had his morning exercise, he is mellow for the rest of the day and content to hang out with his people. He does, however, have youthful exuberance and if you are up for it, he is always up for playing or a hike or some exercise. Augie is a “Velcro," or maybe a super glue dog, who wants to be with his person or his pack more than anything. In the sweetest, most loving way, he wants to sit by your side every chance he gets. He also enjoys snuggling on the couch with his person.

Augie loves his walks! When the leashes come out, he runs to the door and sits calmly waiting to be leashed. He may tug a little a first because he's so excited to get out in the world, but he quickly settles into a nice pace by your side. Augie is very responsive to cues from both humans and other dogs. If told Leave It, he will do so immediately.
He knows Sit, frequently comes when called, and is learning to take treats gently. He sometimes jumps up on people and counters and is being taught "Off!" Augie is a quick and eager learner.

Augie is a quiet boy who rarely barks--even when the other dogs are barking. So far, his foster mom has only heard him bark a couple of times when someone has come to the door.  He is very well mannered in the house, and hangs out quietly.

He has met some dogs very nicely, both male and female, but may not like every dog he meets. Augie gets very excited about meeting other dogs he sees. He is very balanced, and not naturally a dominant dog. Will not challenge another more dominant dog. However, if an unknown dog is acting up, by barking or lunging behavior, Augie will respond the same way. If another is fine, he is fine. He seems to take his cues from the energy of the other dog. He liked his foster sister (an female ACD) at their very first meeting.

Augie loves playing tug-of-war and hanging out with his foster sister. We think he would do well with a mellow, easy going, or playful dog. He would also be fine as an only dog. He enjoys playing with toys. There may be a scuffle for a toy if playing fetch with one ball and two dogs.  We have not seen him interact with small children, but with older kids, he is friendly and polite. He has a high prey drive and would not do well in a household with cats. Augie enjoys car rides, and needs more rides to fun destinations.

Augie was rescued after a month in a shelter kennel. As a result, he does not like being kenneled or crated. His foster mom is working on crate training him with positive reinforcement. If another dog approaches his food or a toy he has, he does sometimes give a little warning growl, but his foster mom has been working with him and seen improvement. Augie has shown some herding tendencies. He sometimes nips at other dogs’ heels and is gently mouthy, sometimes taking his foster mom's foot or arm into his mouth to play,

Augie has the potential to be the perfect pet. We are seeking adopters who will continue teaching him boundaries, appropriate behavior, and giving him more exposure to new things in the world. If you are interested in meeting and possibly adopting Augie, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire, which is the first step of our adoption process. At our website (hittgv.org), please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form.

Teddy (ADOPTED!) is very quiet, friendly, go with the flow, muscular Shiba-Inu and chihuahua mix, who weighs 13 lbs. and we estimate is around 2 years old. He loves other dogs and cats, and is very easy about meeting them. His foster has two cats and Teddy enjoys hanging out with them.  Teddy acts like a big brother, who looks out for the more delicate cat, to make sure he’s okay.  Our boy was initially wary when first meeting new people, but within minutes, as soon as he knows you are friendly, he will greet you warmly. Once he knows a person, he will completely trust you, and enjoys playing with you one-on-one. If he can reach, he will try to place his front paws and his head on your lap to ask for attention. Teddy loves human contact, to be touching you, and snuggling. One of his favorite things, is to lay next to you, or on top of you, if you are laying down, on the sofa. He likes children, but we do not recommend small children, who may suddenly grab for him, or scare him with sudden moves and loud noises.

Teddy loves going out for walks and fairly nicely on leash. When he sees the leash come out, he runs around the house in happy excitement. Our boy also love toys and playing fetch. He is a quiet dog, who will find ways to entertain himself, whether it’s shaking his toys around, stockpiling his rawhide chews, hiding his toys. As a young dog, Teddy will get bursts of energy, sometimes jumping on and off the sofa, or rolling around on his bed and rubbing his face on his blanket, while making happy noises. He is extremely quiet, and NOT a barker. The only time he has barked was when other dogs started barking first. While he has a lot of the playful young pup in him, Teddy can also be a very calm, relaxed dog, who is happy to snooze on the couch or on his bed for much of the day.

Teddy is currently being fed next to his crate. He does NOT guard his food or toys, but if he is eating and you come near his food, he will stop, afraid that you may take it from him. He does well in a large crate, with lots of bedding and his toys all around him. He sleeps in his crate at night, and will make squeaky noises to let you know if he needs to go out. If he is crated with the door closed and he sees you enter the room, he will whine to be let out so he can greet you. If you have been away, when you return, Teddy celebrates your return by racing around the room and then inviting you to play with him. Teddy loves riding in a car. He will sit in the back seat and rest his front leg on the arm rest.

Because of some abusive treatment he has had in the past, Teddy does need a gentle, quiet, and patient people. Teddy shows the flight behavior of a dog who has been abused. He is not skittish by nature, but if you reach for him quickly, he will run. Also, anytime he sees an open door, he will bolt out through it. If pursued he will run and try to evade being grabbed, even by people he knows and loves. In the first days with his fosters, when they approached him, he was anticipating being punished. He would squeal and cry, and cower or fall to the floor, thinking he was going to be hurt. We are also sure that Teddy was kept outside 24/7. He was originally found wandering down a road, dragging nearly 7 lbs. of chains, which were wrapped around his neck. Teddy He is very smart and learns very quickly. He was recently neutered and his fosters are still working on his potty training. He is making good progress, but needs to be watched and continued reinforcement.

In summary, Teddy is an incredibly happy, loving and playful boy, who clearly had a bad start in life. He has a big heart and is making great strides in gaining confidence and overcoming his past. If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting Teddy, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire, which is the first step of our pre-adoption process. At our website (hittgv.org), please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form.

Nani (ADOPTED!) (pronounced Nah-Nee), in Hawaiian means pretty or enjoyable - and that is exactly what this dog is. Nani is about a year old and weighs around 38 lbs.  We believe she is a mix of Australian kelpie and cattle dog. She has a soft, very loving, and submissive personality. She bonds quickly and will follow her person from room to room. Nani is easy and sweet with well behaved children, warms up to women quickly, but is initially a bit hesitant when meeting new men. For a young dog, she is a moderate energy girl, although she does have her bursts of happy, youthful energy, when she playfully runs like the wind.

Nani is a joy to have as a companion. She loves to be near her person, give kisses and roll over for petting and one-on-one time. If you are busy, she will lay quietly nearby waiting for whatever is next. When you look at her or give her attention, her tail will reply with a low, happy wag. As a basically submissive girl, Nani meets other dogs her size or bigger, with respect, although she seems a bit nervous. She gets along well with other calm and friendly dogs, and even tries to make friends with dogs who ignore her. Our girl has a very warm and caring heart. After two days at her new foster home, the other dogs are tolerating, but avoiding Nani. Even so, on day two, when on a walk, her senior canine foster sister tired and stopped suddenly to lay down and rest, twice; and each time Nani showed concern and returned to her to nuzzle her, as if to ask if she was alright. She has also invited her older foster sister to play, but to no avail.  Because of the way she wants to befriend the older dogs in her foster home, we believe that Nani would love to have another dog around her size or larger as a playmate.

She very much wants to please, and is always ready to cuddle or interact with her human(s). Nani isn’t sure of herself and doesn’t know if she is always welcome. Sometimes she will
sit quietly and wait to be invited to join you, and other times when she cannot contain the happy puppy in her, she will leap up to sit by you on the couch or bed and shower you with kisses.  Most of the time, Nani is calm and well mannered, quietly hanging out in the house. However, when she is excited and wants to show how much she loves you, she will need to learn that she should not leap up on people and furniture to get close to you. Nani is very observant and bright, and learns quickly. She watches her person’s face for cues, and her ears are like very expressive flags, moving up and down with her worried or happy thoughts. She is also extremely quiet and the only times she has let out one or two barks was in warning if she is startled by someone approaching or believes an intruder is approaching the house or room.  If she is startled and barks, and is told to stop, she complies immediately.

On leash, Nani needs some practice. We believe she hasn’t been out on walks, and everything is new to her. As a result, she tends to wander from side to side and stop, depending on what she sees and smells. Otherwise she walks nicely and does NOT pull. Although she is unsure of where she is being taken with each car ride, she rides quietly in the car, and watches the scenery go by. So far, Nani seems to be housebroken. Barely out of puppyhood, Nani has already been uprooted from at least two homes and found herself in the shelter several times.  She is currently a bit cautious during the first few seconds/minutes in a new situation or when being driven someplace. Also, she will not do her business during leash walks. She will wait until she returns home to go on familiar property, where she feels comfortable. We were told, third-hand, that this dog has high prey drive and should not be in a household with cats, and that she did not do well with a small dog. So far, we have not seen her with either of these, and cannot verify whether this is true. We will update this description as we learn more about Nani.

If you are interested in meeting and potentially adopting Nani, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire, which is the first step of our pre-adoption process. At our website (hittgv.org), please click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down to find the online Adoption Form.

Angus (ADOPTED!) is between 1-2 years old, and weighs 40 lbs. For a young dog, he is a moderate energy, very easy going and compliant guy. He will need a decent walk in the morning and the evening. If he doesn’t get this, he will need some “turbo” time each day, to run around, play in the yard or with another dog. His foster mom calls him a love bug, who adores cuddling with his people. He is a typical velcro cattle dog, who wants to be your partner and follow you where ever he can.  Angus is super smart, and very much like a human child in many ways. He will tell you when he needs or wants something. He will pat your leg (or arm, if in the car) twice to let you know if he has to go out, wants water, or if he needs anything else. He is also super responsive and very much wants to please. If you tell him to stop or leave something alone, he will obey you. In the 3 weeks with his foster mom, Angus has learned the commands: sit, lay down, go to bed, get your toy, enough or no, and go potty. He is learning wait and stay, and will walk at your side.

Angus is a very balanced dog, and tends to be a follower in all senses of the word. He will follow his canine foster brother around and decide how to behave based on his foster brother’s behavior. In the park with other dogs, he sometimes follows other dogs around, too. This is NOT herding, but just following behind. When resting together, he sometimes likes to groom his foster brother.

Angus is great and respectful when meeting other dogs, both male and female. He is curious about, but afraid of cats, and will tend to avoid them. Angus has been fine when meeting children, but we suspect that if children are running, he may want to herd them.

His foster mom feels that personality wise, Angus is still very much a pup. He seems insecure and afraid that her flow of attention and love to him may stop. She calls him a “love child.” He loves his human(s) so much that he tries to always get between his foster mom and another dog or human who may be close to her. If she tells him to move or stop his needy behavior, he will stop and lay quietly. Although Angus can be needy when his person is around, he has not shown any separation anxiety. He has been fine when left alone with his canine foster brother. It is possible, that he could show some anxiety if left alone for several hours, with no other animal or person.

Angus loves toys, he likes to rearrange them in piles or circles (herding his toys?). He enjoys quietly gnawing on his chew toys (Nyla-flexibones, bully sticks, etc.). He likes playing with other toys, and doesn’t destroy them. His favorite game is playing tug-o-war. Angus will play fetch, but tires of it after returning the ball four times.

He walks nicely on leash, and is good trotting alongside a bicycle. He did once bark at and wanted to chase a skateboarder, who whizzed closely past. Angus rides very nicely and quietly in a car. He is completely housebroken, and if needed, he will sit quietly in a crate. He has NOT shown any resource or food guarding with the other dog (or humans) in his foster home.

We believe Angus would  enjoy being in a home with another dog, and in a situation where he can be with his human(s) as much as possible. If you are interested in meeting Angus, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire (online form or download a hard copy). At our website (hittgv.org), click on the Adopt tab near the top of the page, and scroll down for the online Adoption Form. You can also email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have specific questions.

Misty (ADOPTED!) is a very sweet, gentle, timid, 11 mo. old girl, who weighs 35 lbs. She is half Border Collie and half Catahoula. She is an instant celebrity wherever we go because she’s such a beauty!
As a small puppy, she was sold to a pig hunter, who beat her because she had no prey drive. Before I became her foster, Misty spent 6 weeks in a kennel, and is just now learning about the world, and how to trust people. While she is cautious and hesitant in new situations, Misty can relax and become confident around people who approach her gently and with patience. She is initially more comfortable meeting women, but can relax around gentle and loving men as well.

I have had her for 3 weeks, and she is coming out of her shell and showing her true cute and fun personality. There is a happy, playful nature in this petite girl. As Misty becomes more comfortable, more of her silly personality is emerging. When she’s really happy, she gets a burst of energy and runs around like a rocket for a few minutes, taking in the exciting new world she lives in. Her favorite game is fetch, and she’s wonderful at dropping the ball or toy for you.

She walks well on leash and adores her walks, to where she knows that word. When Misty wakes up in the morning, she’s ready to play, but settles down nicely, especially after a long walk or a game of fetch. She is not a night owl, and starts yawning around 8pm and sleeps through to the morning. Misty is completely housebroken, and has never had an accident.

Misty passively lets me handle her mouth and feet, and shows no signs of food or toy guarding. She is extremely intelligent and learns quickly. This is a dog who will need lots of mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep her busy.

When going to the dog park, it takes a while for her to warm up, but she eventually joins in for a game of chase with dogs she feels comfortable with. She’s very inquisitive, and even when just observing, you can see the interest in her eyes as she watches the fun. She is often fearful at first, with tail between her legs if she feels threatened, but has shown no signs of aggression. I have noticed that she seems to be more drawn towards male dogs, and tends to be less afraid of dogs smaller than herself, although I have seen her play with a few larger dogs. I don’t have other animals in my home, and have not observed her around cats, but she has shown some curiosity towards squirrels in our backyard and will run towards them.

She rarely barks. it’s only when she’s playing and very happy or excited. When she does playfully bark, it’s the cutest thing. She eats well and loves her Kong filled with treats when I leave. I stayed home with her for the first week, then started leaving her for longer periods and she just seems to curl up and sleep when I’m gone (I can see her bed from my front door). My daughter observed that she whined a bit when I left, but settled down quickly.  I do try to make sure she has her chewies when I leave.

As a young dog, Misty will need several toys to satisfy her desire to chew. She may chew on blankets, which is likely a habit from being kenneled for 6 weeks. She probably chewed her bedding to pacify her sadness an boredom. If she finds household items, should be gently redirected to her chew toys.

She likes shoes and socks, and will impishly grab and run away with things she knows she’s not supposed to have. We are working on that, especially with shoes. Misty discovered that taking a dip in our pond was the coolest thing ever. Since the pond is not so clean, I don’t encourage this, and I’ve noticed that if I start walking away rather than scold her, she gets the message that maybe it’s not so fun.

My dream for this sweet beautiful little herder is for her to find a loving, gentle, patient home and be appreciated for the wonderful dog that she is. She will benefit from being with guardians who understand her timid nature and who are willing to continue to help her build her confidence. It will be important for Misty to spend time with all members of her adoptive household, because she did form an early strong bond with me only, and probably would be better off bonding with more than one family member so that she’s not so dependent on one person.

She will thrive on a lot of exercise, whether hiking or running, playing ball or with other dogs. This is crucial for her mental and physical well-being. This intelligent and loving girl will brighten your life and make you laugh. I hope that someone falls in love with her as I have. She truly deserves a wonderful home and will reward you with her devotion and companionship.

If you are interested in meeting Misty, we ask that you first complete our adoption questionnaire at hittgv.org, which is the first step of our pre-adoption process. Click on the Adopt tab near the top, to find the Adoption Form page. Please email questions and requests to meet to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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